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Off the Mat: Competition (Yes, it’s good for you.)

I am PUMPED because this week is the Paleo f(x) conference. Last year I went because it was located 5 minutes away from where I lived and they were featuring two of my favorite podcasters, Ben Greenfield and Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey. This year I’m going because I made so many connections last year that it’s impossible not to justify going. There’s also a physical fitness portion of it that puts you through a number of tests, including vertical jump, deadlifts, pull-ups, a 40-yard sprint, and more. Since I’ve been playing lacrosse, training sprinting and agility, and weightlifting 1-2x per week for the last couple of months, this should make the results of those tests interesting.
Did I mention that this is a competition and I love competing? #inspiration

Message of the week: Take care of your body.

I’m not talking about working. I’m talking about the non-working out; the stretching, foam rolling, mobility stuff that you need to be doing to pro-actively keep your body healthy. If I didn’t spend a few minutes every day doing this stuff, my body would probably have fallen apart by now. Don’t skip the easy stuff that takes just a few minutes (and zero effort) to do!

Book I’m reading right now: The Revenant

Another foray into fiction. This book is a well-written, historically-based piece of fiction that makes me want to go to Colorado, wander the plains, and live off the land. Then I quickly remember growing up in a suburb and having no knowledge whatsoever of living outside of civilization, and I go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich.

Food of the week: BULLETPROOF COFFEE

I have an embarrassing confession to make. For years, I have been drinking my bulletproof coffee WITHOUT blending it. I’ve just been stirring fats (usually coconut oil and butter) into my coffee instead. Blending it with a Vitamix is oh-so-different. And using refined coconut oil (MCT oil, or Brain Octane from Bulletproof) makes a huge difference as well. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. MCTs are unique because they bypass liver processing entirely, which makes them readily available. Learn more about Bulletproof by clicking here.

Finding inspiration from: Competition

I lost a close lacrosse game last week, and I was pretty upset about it. Putting in the effort and not winning is disappointing. But it makes you work that much harder to prepare for it. So I’ve been training harder and pushing deeper because of it. This is where most yoga fails. Most yoga actually rejects competition, and says it has no place in a yoga studio. Well, too f***ing bad. Not here. Competition makes you stronger. Wanting to be better than the next guy is one of the best motivators for helping you push yourself past perceived limits.


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