POTW: One-Legged Crow

Intro: It’s here. The Pose of the Week is One-Legged Crow. This notoriously difficult pose is an extension of crow pose. It takes a lot of core strength, balance, and upper body strength.

There are a number of ways to get into one-legged crow pose. The method that I will talk about starts from crow pose. After you make your way into crow pose, squeeze your left leg tightly into your left tricep. You will then extend right leg up and back. You need to make sure that you the right leg is locked out. You can point the toes, or flex the toes toward you. Flex the glute in your right leg to help extend your leg higher. You should strive to make your body a straight line. Make sure that you do not dip your shoulders too much in this pose. You don’t want your arms to bend more than 90 degrees, or this will cause strain in your shoulders.

Tips: Squeeze your elbows in towards one another. This will help you evenly distribute your body weight throughout your core and your arms, chest, and shoulders. You want to make sure that all the pressure is not in your shoulders and arms.

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