Quick Beginner 10-Minute Yoga Workout for Posture, Confidence, and Energy

Quick Beginner 10-Minute Yoga Workout for Posture, Confidence, and Energy

This is one of my favorites. This is a super-quick and effective workout for doing all of those things you don’t do while sitting with bad posture. Open your shoulders, engage your entire core and lower-body, and improve mobility. You’ll finish this workout feeling energized, maintain better posture for the rest of the day, and feel awesome in both your body and mind. Enjoy!


Leila, Rock Climber (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)
Leila Says...
“I used to hate yoga, I could never follow along with their instructions because they would use these sanskrit terms that I didn’t know the meaning of, and I would get bored with the lack of intensity. When I first tried Man Flow Yoga, I noticed the workout flew by, it was easy to follow and I felt that I had finished a great workout. After a few weeks of yoga, I noticed that I had better posture, faster recovery time, and it helped me to become stronger rock climber as well!”
Busy Dad/Entrepreneur Gets Results (Man Flow Yoga Success Story)
Rob Says...
“Man Flow Yoga allows me to get a quick workout in first thing in the morning and feel accomplished, without having the hassle of driving to the gym and fighting traffic; It’s really the convenience of having all these different workouts online that allows me to get them done.”

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