Manbassador Spotlight: LeStryet

July’s Manbassador of the Month is LeStryet Yow, of Birmingham, Alabama, residing in Hoover, Alabama. LeStryet has been instrumental in the behind-the-scenes action of Man Flow Yoga and we are grateful for all that he has done to help the members of the community and Man Flow Yoga. Read on to learn more about LeStryet.

Current Favorite Pose

Reverse Warrior because it engages the entire body from your arches to the top of your head.


Favorite healthy food

Wild Alaskan Salmon.  


Favorite non-healthy food

Hot Dog and Soda from the Costco Food Court!


Proudest physical accomplishment since you’ve started doing yoga

There have been many proud moments, but I was most proud when I stopped depending upon the wall for assistance.  During the first month of Hot26, I was heavily dependent upon the wall, for eagle, standing bow, head to knee, then suddenly one day I decided that  “you either fall or stand”…. and I stood.


What are you currently working towards?  

I am currently working toward three goals;

Decreasing my weight by 10 pounds and reducing my bodyfat below 10%

Getting below parallel in squats

Getting head and shoulder under my left leg in Lizard


How did you find Man Flow Yoga?

The studio where I practiced started offering Vinyasa Classes. The classes were challenging but I found out that the classes did not follow a structured format.  I was unsure of the poses, “Chata what”  therefore, I searched the internet for guidance on the poses, such as the names, how they should look, and foot placement.  I found some of Dean’s pages that included the information and printed several.  Subsequently, I found the website and youtube channel, and got on his email list.


Where are you from?

Hometown is Hoover, Alabama.  Born in Birmingham,  Alabama with a professional career that led me to Atlanta and New Jersey before returning to Birmingham.


What’s a fun fact about you?

Sleep irregularities:

  1. Can’t fall asleep in a bed if I on my back
  2. Can’t fall asleep in a bed if my feet are uncovered
  3. Can’t fall asleep in the bed if there is a faucet dripping, clock ticking, or timer humming
  4. Can fall asleep in the lounge chair on my back, uncovered, with the TV blaring

LeStryet is active on social media, email and within the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group. His email is [email protected], click here to view his profile on Facebook, here for his Instagram account (@LeStryet), or follow him on Twitter @lestryet.

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  1. Greetings from Slovakia. ? Your accomplishments, LeStryet, are remarkable just as your dedication and passion. Thank you so much for constant support and all encouraging words.
    Wishing all the best. Marian

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