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Remote Training

What is remote training?

Remote training is your opportunity to train with Dean Pohlman, CEO and Founder of Man Flow Yoga, no matter where in the world or what time zone you are in. Dean has worked with people all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, South Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, just to name a few. Here are some more of Dean’s credentials:

– #1 bestselling author on Amazon (in 4 different categories) with his book, Yoga Basics for Men: An Intro to Man Flow Yoga, which allows people to skip the spiritual fluff of yoga and get straight down to learning to poses of Man Flow Yoga (and yoga in general) that help optimize your physical performance, increase flexibility, core strength, balance, and endurance, and improve overall physical feeling.

– #1 yoga brand for men on Facebook – Dean created the #1 brand of yoga for men on Facebook in less than 18 months by providing valuable information to his audience on  yoga as it applies to men, so that you can learn yoga.

– Featured in the Huffington Post

– Yoga instructor to the University of Wisconsin Men’s Lacrosse Team and the University of Texas Men’s Lacrosse Team

– Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

– Featured as one of 10 “Fitness YouTube Gurus Sexier Than a Chippendale’s Dancer” on nerve.com.

Here’s what you get in the remote training lessons:

– An initial assessment in which Dean helps you understand your muscle imbalances, strengths and weaknesses, and overall physical health.

– A new, personalized workout tailored to YOUR specific needs every week

– A detailed recap of every session, including the poses and exercises covered, notes on your performance, and suggestions for future improvement

– A plan and homework so that you can continue to work on your physical fitness every day, even when you don’t have a lesson scheduled with Dean.

Send an email to [email protected] to set up your FREE consultation.


Check out some of the testimonials from past and present remote training clients.


Tom Couture

“Man Flow Yoga and Dean Pohlman have made a huge positive difference in my life. Thanks to the weekly remote training sessions I have had for the past 3 months I have already lost almost 20 pounds, and 7 inches overall. (My jeans are loose)!

**UPDATE – Tom has now lost 50 pounds since starting with Dean in November of 2013.**

And more important than lost pounds and inches, are the things that I am learning about myself, and my ability to do things I never thought I could (YOGA for one).

Here is what I like about working with Dean and Man Flow Yoga…

1. I have learned that Yoga is not just for chicks! It is a very challenging and successful workout. If you don’t believe me, just take one session with Dean and you will find out it ain’t for the faint of heart…and it does get results.

2. Dean can help you push past what you thought were your limits while at the same time being encouraging and inspirational. There have been times when I thought I could not do one more pose or hold for one more breath and he helps me find the ability and strength to do it. And on the other hand there have been times when I thought I was doing crappy and getting nowhere, and out of the clear blue he stops and points out the progress and success I didn’t even know I had achieved. AND somehow he knows exactly which one you need (a kick in the ass, or a word of encouragement) exactly when you need it.

3. Dean is not only a yoga practitioner deluxe, he is also very well versed in knowing the human body and knowing how to make it work right. He has taught me little changes to make in posture so that a pose works correctly (like “tuck your tailbone” or “squeeze your legs toward each other” and many others).

Let me just say…I am definitely a work in progress and it is thanks to my affiliation with Man Flow Yoga, that I can put the word “progress” in that statement. Dean has helped me get on track with health and fitness goals that were only in my head prior to working with him…and now they are becoming reality. I admit I have a ways to go…but now, thanks to working with Dean…I am on the way!

I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve your health, your body and your mind…Man Flow Yoga!”

Fred Duncan

“I learned more in 3 lessons with Dean than I did in the course of 10 years of doing yoga – and I even had weekly private sessions with a yoga instructor for 6 months! Dean focuses on the technique to help you get the most out of the exercises and is acutely aware of your body needs and how to do it. I highly recommend this program to anybody who wants to improve their overall wellbeing and physical fitness.”

Paul Bracken, Yoga Instructor

“I’ve been training with Dean on a weekly basis since November 2013. As a yoga teacher with many years experience of teaching, I decided to do a few sessions with Dean after watching some of the Man Flow Yoga videos. My objective was to push myself physically by injecting something different into my own practice and to support my strength training. Nine moths later, and I’m still doing weekly remote sessions from Ireland with Dean. He pushes me physically and his verbal adjustments and observations are spot on. Dean is very passionate about what he does and this is clearly conveyed through his teaching. His attention to detail is impressive and he always pinpoints where I need to focus more on in order to work deeper in a pose. Training through Google Hangouts has worked out very well and its almost as if we are training in the same room. I always enjoy the sessions and the feeling of being pumped afterwards. The sessions have also helped with my weight training as I’m lifting heavier, and the two really support each other. It’s been a real privilege to train with Dean and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Bradley Watkins

“I can honestly say that I learned more in that hour session than I have all summer in taking class with other instructors.  I am not slamming them, just commenting on how impressive your body of knowledge is!  You definitely understand the technique better than anyone I have had the privilege of taking class with.  I was on a yoga-high all the rest of that day, and couldn’t sleep that night as I was trying to process all that I learned!  I woke myself up working on core engagement in my sleep…hilarious!”

Joseph Natale

“This form of Yoga, based on a program designed for the natural male physique not only cured my back problems but has strengthened my entire body and made me much more flexible. I absolutely recommend this program Dean has developed at Man Flow Yoga!”

Kevin Joe Ruiz

“This man has an excellent yoga program. In early December last year, I hurt my lower back with a botched deadlift/improper form. Since then I started, following his videos and my flexibility has increased ten fold and the yoga has helped when it came to lifting heavily. Thanks for the awesome videos!”

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