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The Crossover Symmetry System – An Honest Review

I’m writing this blog to review the Crossover Symmetry System and to help you decide whether or not it’s a good training tool for you.

I actually first learned about the Crossover Symmetry System when their COO signed up for the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area. When I reached out (as I do for all new annual sign-ups) to ask him why he signed up and what he was hoping to get out of Man Flow Yoga, he mentioned that yoga was a perfect complement to Crossover Symmetry.

Intrigued, I took a look – and I was really impressed by what I saw. I asked if he could send me a system so I could try it out for myself, and he said yes.

When I finally got around to testing it out and using it for myself on a regular basis, I was blown away.

In just two weeks, my shoulders felt stronger than they ever had. I had greater mobility in my upper-back and shoulders. And it was all thanks to this super simple to use workout system, that took just 10 minutes, twice per week.

What Exactly Is The Crossover Symmetry System?

It’s a minimalist workout system to help you build strong, injury-resistant shoulders using a specific combination of scapular strengthening exercises and easily-transportable, high-quality resistance bands.

But even the description above hardly does the Crossover Symmetry system justice. The resistance bands are so easy to use, and so much better quality than typical looped resistance bands (which usually end up snapping within the first few days, anyway).

What I Noticed Exercising with The Resistance Bands:

What I really like about the Cross Symmetry System is the simplicity of it. Easy to set up. Easy to follow. Easy to transport. And the results are noticeable almost immediately. The warm-up makes any upper-body workout feel smoother and stronger, and in just a few weeks of using the workouts 2x per week, I felt strong enough to do things I hadn’t attempted in years.

I should also mention – I’ve had recurring shoulder issues for over a decade. I know most of the exercises that I’m supposed to do keep my shoulders strong as a result of physical therapy visits (not to mention, listening to what my physical therapist wife tells me to do), but the simplicity and ease of these workouts has helped me stay consistent.

And there are exercises in this program which I haven’t done before, and have not only helped to improve my strength, but also increase my mobility! And as somebody who founded and runs a mobility-focused brand of yoga for a living, that’s impressive.

A quick list of what I noticed:

  • Increased strength in extended range of motion
  • Targeting essential shoulder muscles you don’t hit with other resistance training exercises like pull-ups or overhead press
  • Makes my shoulders feel super smooth; feeling better in overhead press, fewer shoulder tweaks or discomforts

What I Like About The Cross Symmetry System:

  • The resistance bands: resistance levels are clearly labeled, don’t have to worry about having them snap on you or trying to figure out how far away you should be from the anchor point.
  • Door strap kit: you can purchase straps which allow you to hook up the system to a door frame, making it optimal for home workouts (no more “but I don’t have anything in my house that I can hook resistance bands to” excuses)
  • Durable exercise chart and clip: allows you to easily follow along to the exercises without having to look at your phone, keeps you in the “flow” of the routine
Cross Symmetry system bands
Cross Symmetry system anchors

I’ve been doing this as an off-day workout or combining it with my resistance training circuits.

It ALSO has an “activation” routine that I can do before an upper-body workout to make sure all of the muscles of my shoulders and upper-back are firing the way they’re supposed to.

Who this would be especially helpful for:

  • People following predominately yoga programs who aren’t doing any sort of resistance training.
  • People lifting weights who want to have a stronger, more injury-resident pair of shoulders.
  • People who have had shoulder issues in the past and want to address their root causes.
  • People that are engaging in a swinging style of sport like baseball or golf.

How to Purchase The Cross Symmetry System

You can purchase your Crossover Symmetry System directly from the Crossover Symmetry website by clicking below.

I don’t have a code for you, but if you buy it using the link below, then I’ll get a small commission as a thank you for pointing you in their direction.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to you using the Crossover Symmetry System!!

About the author, Dean Pohlman, Founder & CEO of Man Flow Yoga, Author of Yoga Fitness for Men, Expert on Yoga Fitness for Men.

Dean Pohlman is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and the founder of Man Flow Yoga. Dean is widely considered to be an authority on Yoga for Men. He has worked with physical therapists to create yoga programs for back health and spinal recovery. His workouts and programs have been used by professional and collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, and personal trainers; and have been recommended by physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, and other medical professionals.

Dean is a successfully published author through DK Publishing (Yoga Fitness for Men), selling 35,000 copies worldwide in English, French, and German; in addition to being a co-producer of the Body by Yoga DVD Series, which has sold over 40,000 copies on Amazon since its release in 2016.

Man Flow Yoga has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Mens’ Health, The Chicago Sun, New York Magazine, and many more major news media outlets.

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