The Perfect Squat Program

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It’s here! The Perfect Squat Program is now available. This workout program is a series of workouts I designed so that you can work on everything that you need for a great squat with a single workout program.

The Perfect Squat Program includes 4 workouts, which are to be completed in 8-day cycles. But this program is so much more than just squats – it is all of the flexibility, core strength, bodily awareness, balance, and STRENGTH that comes from having a perfect squat. By completing these workouts, you can expect:
* Increased core strength
* Increased hip mobility
* Increased flexibility in your hips, legs, and ankles,
* Healthier, more stable knees
* Stronger external hip rotators (glutes)
* Increased lower-body muscle
* Increased lower-back flexibility
* Reduced risk of injury
* More bodily awareness

I’ve been plagued by injuries ever since I played sports when I was a kid. The more I learned about my body and about fitness, the more I learned about how that could have been prevented.

One huge part of my knee issues was my inability to do a proper squat. More than that, it was my IGNORANCE of how to do a proper squat. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, and I never received the proper instruction. People observed the weight, said it looked good, and moved on. Nobody gave me enough attention to detail, and focused on all the components of a good squat.

As I self-taught myself, using yoga, bodyweight exercises, and calisthenics, I learned how to do a proper squat. In the process, I repaired my knee, build my lower body muscle, developed my core strength, and increased my lower back flexibility – not to mention much more! Now I’ve put all of that into a single program, focused on developing a fundamental movement required for total body strength – the perfect squat.

Not yet convinced? Watch a 10-minute preview!

4 Comments on “The Perfect Squat Program”

    1. You’ll be able to do most of the workouts. There are definitely some harder parts, but you can build up to those!

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