Trust In Progress

This week I’m writing this email for you as much as I’m writing it for myself. This week’s email is about “trusting the process”.
What is the process? In my own words, the process refers to devoting your concentration and your effort to the task at hand, and not worrying about all of the tasks you haven’t completed yet. It’s taking things one step at a time, and focusing on devoting yourself to the present task. Just keep on chugging along…
Of course, the process doesn’t simply mean keep working without a goal in mind. It means that you’ve already created a plan, and you’re following the steps along that plan because you know where it leads. That’s where the trust comes in.
So, summed up:
Trust – believing you will reach your goal because you’ve created a successful plan.
The process – focusing on one task at at time, giving your best to that single task.
Coming up with a plan that works? Sounds like a topic for another day. 🙂
Book I’m reading right now: The Obstacle is the Way 51kijbzg5l-_sy344_bo1204203200_
This book continues to be an awesome resource. It’s motivational, demanding, and right up my alley. If you have any interest in strengthening your own resolve and being a better you (yeah, it sounds cheesy but it’s made a huge difference since I embraced it a few years ago), you should buy this book.
Fitness focus: Squats and getting low.
When I realize that I’ve been standing too often, I get an aversion to lowering myself into a squat. When I’m feeling less mobile, I bend over to pick something up or pet my dog. And guess what? It doesn’t feel good. So I’ve been focusing on squatting more with less fear. Fear of what? Of falling backwards. Next time you do a squat, notice how you lean forward to prevent yourself from falling forwards. Instead, sit back and challenge your fear of falling over backwards. This will help to strengthen your hips and your core. If it’s hard, all the more reason to do it more often.
Food of the week: Spinach
Using my Vitamix more often (check out my Instagram for a recent post on a smoothie I’m enjoying, or watch me make it in the Members Area – that video already published) I’ve been going through spinach quite quickly. Spinach is a great source of Vitamins A + C and potassium. It’s also mostly tasteless, which means you can eat it with anything. Available at your local grocery store. 🙂
Finding inspiration from: Opportunity searching
I made the decision a few years ago that I was no longer a negative person, and since then I’ve been looking for the best in every situation. This week, I’ve been particularly focused on finding opportunities wherever possible. If others do it… why can’t I? (And why shouldn’t you?)
Hope you had a great Thankgiving!

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