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Weekly Workout

I’ve had some requests about my workout routine for the week, so I’m posting what I did last week. Keep in mind that the workout counts for nothing if you don’t eat and sleep the right way.

Dean’s Workout

3 days yoga

3 days body weight resistance / cardio / yoga

1 day active rest

Sample Week:

Monday – 2 mile run, 25 x 8 pushups, 10 x 5 pullups, 20 minutes yoga

Tuesday – 60 – 75 minutes yoga

Wednesday – 2 mile run, 50 x 5 air squats, 25 x 2 lunges, 20 x 4 explosive pushups, 20 minutes yoga

Thursday – 60 – 75 minutes yoga

Friday – Play a sport / game! – or – Sprints, agility drills, 10 x 5 pullups, 50 x 5 pushups, 20 minutes yoga/stretching

Saturday – Active rest (light jog, 60 minutes of easy yoga)

Sunday – Yoga focus: Spend 30 – 60 minutes on a particular pose / muscle group

This is what works for me because I am trying to maintain my current body shape.  If you have different fitness goals than I do, please consult the following editorials:

For weight loss and getting toned.

For mass gain.

Happy working out!

– Dean

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