Yoga and Toning / Weight Loss for Men


Toning / Weight loss

Yoga 3-5x / week

Optional: Body weight resistance / Crossfit 3x weekly

Optional: Cardio 5 -6x week

This may be the easiest article I have ever written. Unlike other forms of cardio, yoga exercises your whole body and does so without the stress that other forms of cardio cause to your joints. Yoga is generally done in a heated room, which causes your body to sweat more and use extra calories to regulate your body temperature. It keeps your heart rate up for an extended period of time, and the instructor leading the workout generally does not stop for breaks.

Whatever your reason is for being overweight, your body will not be prepared for the pound and ground of running for 45 minutes a day. And let’s be realistic – nobody wants to run 45 minutes a day – that’s boring! Yoga has different sequences, poses, and new challenges everyday. Yoga, unlike running, does not put significant stress on your joints. Shin splints and other injuries that stem from overtraining are not nearly as prevalent in yoga as they are in running. Moreover, yoga will actually supplement a running regime because it helps your muscles actively recover. Yoga will also provide the core strength, flexibility, and lower back strength that will prevent most injuries that stem from running. Lower back problems are a huge reason why men are told to turn to yoga for relief – and it’s true. The focus that yoga places on a healthy spine is paramount.

Like any form of exercise, you cannot expect to simply jump into 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga everyday after years of inactivity, but you can ease yourself into a healthy routine of cardio and yoga to help you achieve the results that you are looking for. This concludes the series on yoga and how it supplements ANY training program. That means it’s time to shut off the computer, get on a mat, and start realizing the benefits of yoga. Namaste.

Note: This should go without saying, but the most important part of weight loss is a proper diet.

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