Dean - founder of Man Flow Yoga.

Welcome to the Man Flow Yoga Story!

Dean here, founder of Man Flow Yoga. Read on to learn about my own experience with fitness to better understand what the mission of Man Flow Yoga means for YOU.

And ultimately the reason I created Man Flow Yoga

I have been in and out of physical therapy clinics since I was 13. When I was only 16, I had knee surgery to address recurring partial patellar subluxation (my kneecap came in and out). The time, I was glad to have the surgery. It was a quick-fix to a recurring issue I blamed for holding me back. At least, I thought it was my knee holding me back. As I got older, I developed a deeper interest in fitness and started learning more about biomechanics. It was when I was in my 20s when I realized that it wasn’t my knee that was giving me problems. The actual cause of my injury had to do with weakness in other parts of my body. It had to do with a lack of core strength, a lack of balanced training, and inflexibility.

I was upset when I realized this. Why had I not been shown the proper exercises? Why wasn’t one of my coaches or trainers taking action to prevent my risk of injury? Why did I have to go under the knife was I was only 16?

If I was the trainer for the 16-year old version of myself, I would have given myself Man Flow Yoga. I would have addressed core strength and flexibility. I would have concentrated more on keeping my core engaged while doing squats and deadlifts. I would have addressed shoulder flexibility instead of doing so much bench press. In short, I would teach myself everything that I teach to you with Man Flow Yoga. My competitive lacrosse career is over, but it wasn’t too late for me to start relearning movement patterns and retraining my body to be more efficient, reduce my risk of injury, and ultimately be stronger. And it isn’t too late for you, either.

The story is about YOU now. We design programs that help YOU take back ownership of your body and your health. These programs build strength, flexibility, core strength, bodily awareness, and balance. They are designed for YOU, so that you don’t have go through the physical, mental, and emotional pain caused by injuries that keep you from moving the way that you want to move. You deserve to move without pain. You deserve to be healthy. We’re looking forward to seeing you start your own story. Meet you in the training section!

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