Slow Flow for Strength

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Slow Flow for Strength

Get ready for a solid flow! This is a slow-moving, control-focused flow to build strength while also working into mobility. We target your back, shoulders, chest, hips, glutes and core with long holds, a focus on mindful movement, and way more upper-body than your typical yoga flows. Your entire body is going to burn – have fun!!

Yoga mat required. Block optional.

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For Members – 52-Minute Slow Flow for Strength

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4 Comments on “Slow Flow for Strength”

  1. Hi Dean,

    I enjoy your YouTube workouts and I see that you have DVD’s for purchase however this format is not feasible for traveling. I was wondering if you have downloadable programs for purchase since I do not always have wifi access nor an unlimited data plan.

    The programs which I am interested in are
    – Strength Foundation
    – Flexibility and Mobility


    1. Hey Amie – thank you! Yes, most of our workout programs popular workouts programs have download access available for purchase. Strength Foundations Course is available for download access. Flexibility & Mobility is not at the moment.

    1. Hi Amie – you can get access to the SFC when you sign up for our Members’ Area. Alternatively, you can purchase access only to the SFC as well. The SFC does not include the workout on this page “Slow Flow for Strength”. That would only be in the Members’ Area.

      Members’ Area –
      Strength Foundations Course –

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