Dean’s Eating Habits & Workouts For 1 Month

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If you want to feel good, move well, and look good, you need to eat well. Quite simply, you ARE what you eat. I’m sharing my food log over the past month, so you can see exactly what I’m eating on a daily basis. (A small disclaimer here, everybody is different, has different needs, and … Read More

3 Reasons Yoga Makes You A Better Runner

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Today, I want to talk about the 3 reasons why yoga makes you a better runner. As runners, we tend to enjoy moving, and often look at yoga as something boring or unimportant. Although you may not get your heart racing as much, yoga is a challenging workout that will help you to to improve … Read More

The Top 5 Yoga Poses For Before Your Run

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We all know that stretching after a run can help to reduce soreness the next day, but did you know that doing specific yoga postures BEFORE you run can also help to improve your run? The reason why this is effective because what you’re doing with the yoga postures below isn’t stretching – it’s muscle activation. By … Read More

The 5 Best Post-Run Yoga Stretches for Runners Cooldown

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Want to spend less time injured? Interested in improving your running efficiency? Would you like to get back to running more quickly with less soreness? These 5 stretches are my personal favorite stretches for after a run. They will help you improve mobility, reduce your risk of injury, recover more quickly, and (over time) even make you a better … Read More

The Members’ Area Success Formula

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Welcome to the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area Success Formula. The Success Formula came about as a result of my one-on-one training consultations with members of the Man Flow Yoga Community. After a few lessons, I realized that I was giving out the same information and advice over and over again, and figured out that … Read More

Member Spotlight: Steven Carter

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This month’s Member of the Month is Steven Carter!  Be sure to connect with him in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group!   Current favorite pose: I think always and forever my favorite pose will be pigeon, however crow is my second favorite for sure. Fav healthy food: Eggs with sauteed vegetables, I cannot … Read More