Yoga for Lacrosse – Best Poses to Improve Your Athletic Performance

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The blog below lists the 5 best yoga postures to help lacrosse players improve their athletic performance. Yup, even Paul Rabil does yoga. So if the best lacrosse players are doing yoga to improve their athletic performance as laxers… shouldn’t you? I started doing yoga as a Senior lacrosse player for the University of Wisconsin. … Read More

How Yoga Made Me a Better Runner

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Long before I started doing yoga, I was an athlete. I ran – a lot. But I didn’t really have a good pre-running routine, and I noticed it. It felt awkward, just starting to run without any sort of mindful warm-up. Stretching didn’t help, because even before I became a fitness professional I knew that … Read More

Dean’s Eating Habits & Workouts For 1 Month

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If you want to feel good, move well, and look good, you need to eat well. Quite simply, you ARE what you eat. I’m sharing my food log over the past month, so you can see exactly what I’m eating on a daily basis. (A small disclaimer here, everybody is different, has different needs, and … Read More