Fireman Uses Man Flow Yoga To Enhance His Firefighting Abilities (Member Highlight: Bob M.)

[Thanks to Man Flow Yoga], I’ve been able to prevent injury. Knock on wood. [I’ve] never had any major injuries as a fireman. I’m never in an uncomfortable situation where I’m not flexible enough to perform this very weird maneuver. And so I’m thankful for that. And I own it all up to Dean and to his team.

Bob M., firefighter, beer league hockey player, and 39-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member

Bob M., a 39-year-old firefighter, hasn’t suffered an injury in his entire career. And Man Flow Yoga (and the occasional knocking on wood) has played a big role in his lack of injuries, especially given his career. 

Besides being a career fireman, Bob also plays beer league hockey in his free time. So, injury prevention has always been one of his biggest concerns. 

That’s what led Bob to discover the Man Flow Yoga YouTube channel about three years ago. He wanted to continue his “lack of injuries” streak going, and he was also interested in building his functional strength. Firefighting is weird: Bob frequently puts his body in precarious positions—crawling positions, in positions where his hands are above his head, and flexing his legs into really weird positions—to put out fires and save lives. And in order to do this to the best of his abilities, he needs to be functionally strong and have good enough flexibility that he always has a good range of motion, no matter what precarious position he puts his body in. 

Well, after watching a few of the free workouts we post on our Man Flow Yoga YouTube channel, he immediately signed up to become a Member. While the non-spiritual component of Man Flow Yoga ultimately led him to us, the functionality of Man Flow Yoga made him stay. 

And you know what? 

While helping Bob become the best firefighter he can—he even told us that he feels better today, at 39, than he’s felt throughout the first half of his career—is a benefit in and of itself (not only for him either, but for his fellow firefighters and for the people’s he’s saved), it’s far from the only benefit Bob got from joining the Man Flow Yoga Community. 

How Man Flow Yoga Lowered Bob’s Blood Pressure

Firefighting is a stressful job, as you can imagine. But he also raises three young (and rambunctious) boys with his wife, which caused a slight surge in his blood pressure. Bob’s blood pressure wasn’t so high that he needed medication, but it was something his doctor actively wanted to lower. 

Between yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and some select natural supplements, Bob’s been able to lower his blood pressure back to a level that satisfies his doctor. In fact, his doctor even told him that if he keeps this up, he’ll avoid medication completely! 

Moving on… 

Bob’s Favorite Aspects of Man Flow Yoga 

To Bob, Man Flow Yoga has a lot to praise:

He’s never been injured (knock on wood for him if you’re reading along). 

While some of his fellow firemen “rib” him for doing yoga, he keeps the full Man Flow Yoga setup (including a cork yoga mat, cork blocks, and a yoga strap) in the firehouse. And despite some occasional ribbing, firefighters in his firehouse notice that he never gets injured, which isn’t the case for every fireman in the firehouse. In fact, he’s even convinced a few firefighters in his firehouse to take a deep dive into Man Flow Yoga.

And Man Flow Yoga directly helps him achieve his four main goals of exercise: Longevity, flexibility, injury prevention, and range of motion.

But Bob’s favorite part of Man Flow Yoga, which coincides with nearly every Member Highlight we’ve published so far, is Dean’s instruction and coaching style. 

“The biggest thing I noticed was that Dean has an uncanny ability to talk through every aspect of every move, every breath, all of that.” — Bob 

According to Bob, Dean has an amazing ability to tell you which muscles to “squeeze” while in a certain pose. While Dean encourages you to push yourself, he also gives different variations for each pose, making it easy to start with Man Flow Yoga, even if you’re not flexible and haven’t tried a single yoga pose in your life. (The firemen Bob works with appreciate this when they want to try a session.) And Bob appreciates how Man Flow Yoga is truly accessible for all men no matter your age, fitness level, or flexibility level. 

Dean pushes you when you need pushed. Tells you to breathe when you need to relax. And offers easier variations if you’re not flexible. 

Because of this, Bob told us: “He is a micromanager of what you should be thinking in your yoga practice,” which is helpful not only to beginners but even to Members like Bob, who have consistently practiced Man Flow Yoga for three years. 

He also loves how intuitive the Man Flow Yoga app has become since he joined. Bob also partakes in strength training, which is a necessity for fighting fires. He loves how complementary strength training and Man Flow Yoga are—down to following specific workouts based on areas of weakness or soreness he’s learned from lifting. 

It’s easy to follow and build a consistent plan around any weaknesses, which helps Bob make the most of his exercise time, which, again, directly contributes to saving lives.

Why Bob Wants You To Join Man Flow Yoga

Despite the ribbing he sometimes gets from his firefighting buddies, he also uses every opportunity to get them to try Man Flow Yoga too. They notice that he’s never been injured and how he feels better at 39 than he did in his 20s. 

But more importantly, Bob notices how much better his body feels when he’s consistent with his Man Flow Yoga practice. It doesn’t hurt that his wife thinks he looks really good since starting either. 

If you’re thinking about trying Man Flow Yoga, Bob recommends starting with the Strengths Foundation Course, which is one of his personal favorites. 

And Bob leaves you with one last statement about whether or not you should give Man Flow Yoga a try:

“If you do this, you will see results… [I]f you are looking for flexibility, injury prevention, strength through motion, all of those things, [Man Flow Yoga] is where you need to be. It will without a doubt pay you dividends and you will be a lifetime Man Flow Yoga person. So do yourself a favor and join up.” 

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Fireman Uses Man Flow Yoga To Enhance His Firefighting Abilities (Member Highlight: Bob M.)

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