10-Minute Yoga Flow for Beginners

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10-minute Yoga Flow for Beginners - Guyoga: Yoga Start

Free 10-minute yoga workout from the #2 best selling DVD in exercise and fitness on Amazon! Try this low-impact, beginner yoga routine for free and learn how to: stretch your hips, relieve low back pain, engage your core, activate your glutes, and improve mobility.

Yoga Start is part of the Guyoga Series, the ultimate beginner’s yoga for men (and inflexible people who don’t normally do yoga). It is the #2 best selling DVD in exercise and fitness category on Amazon, available for streaming and download on https://manflowyoga.com/library-item/…. The DVD includes 4, 2–25 minute total body yoga workouts. For those of you searching for beginner-friendly yoga on youtube, I wanted you to be able to try this program and start learning about the benefits of incorporating yoga into your fitness or movement routine.

This workout is designed for beginners to get all the benefits of yoga- if even you can’t touch your toes.

What you can expect:

  • A focus on technique and proper muscle activation
  • Clear explanation of how to do each pose correctly
  • Modifications so you get the most out of each pose, no matter your level

The workouts are also accessible through the Man Flow Yoga website here: https://manflowyoga.com/shop/guyoga

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