Who are your enemies?

Hey Friends,

At the beginning of last week, I sat down and jotted down a few things in my notebook, like I usually do, in preparation for the week. These notes are typically a set of principles I want to work more on. (A future project is putting all of these principles together and coming up with a personal mission statement.) Anyways…

I was considering who my “enemies” were. I’m not talking about enemies in the traditional sense. Neither competitors, fear of bodily harm, public shaming, nor losing friends inspire significant fear of discomfort..

My much stronger, and real enemies, are my inner demons., I’m talking about the thoughts in my head that hold be back. Here’s what I wrote:

1) Distractions – anything and everything that draws me away from my purpose, including friends, business offers, and/or Netflix binging.

2) Inefficiency – am I using my time efficiently? More than that, am I using my ENERGY efficiently. Am I devoting energy to the things that only I can do? If not, who can I find to help me?

3) Ego’s desire to be right. – A wise man once said, “If you’re right, that’s all you get to be – right.” It’s true. Being right doesn’t make you loved. It doesn’t get you a prize. It just means you’re right. Is being right the most important thing? Probably not.

4) The need to defend myself – When I have conversations with people about my progress on projects, or features that I haven’t implemented yet, or videos I haven’t recorded yet, I used to notice that I was extremely defensive. Now, however, I give a straight answer, which usually comes down to one of two possible responses. 1) I haven’t yet, but I will or am working on it now. – or – 2) Nope, I don’t care enough.

Book I’m reading right now: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday


Forcing me to think more about whether I’m doing things in order to be successful or in order to be able to say “I did all of this myself, and I figured it out on my own.” In the end, who the f*** cares? It’s what you have to show for it, and the people that you’ve been able to help, that really counts. Results over methods – every time.

Fitness focus: Play

Got a new puppy within the last couple of weeks so Flowtron can have a playmate. Her name is Kaya. Being untrained, I can no longer do my morning routine the way that I’m accustomed to, because she requires constant attention. Stretching with the leash has been replaced by running instead. So, my focus has been on play. Surprisingly, my body is quite sore, which means this “play” thing seems to be a pretty effective workout.

Food of the week: Sweet Potatoes


Oh sweet potatoes, how I missed you. Costco started stockin organic sweet potatoes, and I’m excited about it. I usually eat 2 per day.

Finding inspiration from: Clarity

Keep focusing on what it is you desire, and continue to narrow that down until you have a crystal clear idea of what you want. That’s exactly how you’ll find it. 🙂

Have a great week!


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