I’m a Total Weirdo

This week I want to tell you about a super weird habit of mine. It involves going over the top in order to ensure I have a healthy meal.

For me, my health is a priority. That means I do things other people won’t in order to put my health first. That includes making health a priority over social customs.

As I type this message, I’m waiting for the Madison-bound bus I just boarded at O’Hare to depart. I’ll be there to meet up with college friends and hang out with my family for the weekend. My flight to get to O’Hare was at 6 AM. I enjoy these early morning flights just as much as the next guy, but I wake up even earlier than I have to.

We’re getting to the point of the email now.

The reason why I wake up even earlier than I need to is to I have the time to make my own breakfast. I don’t want to have the food at the airport unless I am absolutely starving because I know that it isn’t very healthy.

Do I have ever eat unhealthily? Absolutely. But when I do, I want the food to be worth it. I’ll go out to a nice dinner, order a few small plates, and savor the taste instead of scarfing it down. Airport food does not fall into that category, and so I take my eggs, sweet potatoes, veggies, and whatever else I throw into the scramble with me through security. (This time it was bison steak.)

Despite the weird looks, the discarding of perfectly good tupperware, and waking up at 4 AM, I think it’s worth it. Because my health is worth it.


When you make your health a priority, decisions like this come easy. In fact, they aren’t even conscious decisions. It’s just something you do because your health is important to you.

Book I’m reading right now: Don’t Shoot the Dog


It isn’t what you think. This book is all about training through positive reinforcement. It points out how negative reinforcement training is ineffective, that our method of beating the dog for results (for lack of a better phrase) doesn’t work, and this can be applied to everybody in our life. It can help in shaping a roommate’s behavior, your spouse, and even a dolphin (the author is a renowned dolphin trainer for Sea World). I’m learning a lot about how to correctly raise a puppy in the process, and even how to help reinforce YOU guys to get results from your workout programs. 🙂


Fitness focus: Advanced Yoga

For me, going to a yoga class isn’t the best way to get a workout. The instructor won’t be able to give me enough individual attention. I’m at a point where I need that in order to keep improving. If I don’t have that extra reinforcement, I can easily develop poor habits. It also means that I’m not really improving. The solution is private training. I’ve been doing webcam training and in-person training for years, but many of you might not be aware that I also hire yoga instructors to train me. You can watch a 20-minute clip of my lesson by clicking here.

Hint: Most fitness professionals don’t make much from their group training classes. For 2-3x the cost of attending a group class, you can have a fantastic one-on-one session and get more out that one lesson than in a month of group cla

Food of the week: Bison

Bison Steak Buffalo Steak

It’s back! I just received 20 lbs of bison meat in the mail this week, and I made the sirloin strips last night for dinner. The steak I get from this bison ranch in Montana are better than anything I’ve ever purchased from a grocery store, and about the same price as well! If you’re interested in taking a look, click here to head to Rancho Picante’s website.

Finding inspiration from: Setting realistic goals

For most of my life, I’ve set unrealistic goals for myself. I try to accomplish too much in one day. I try to go from point A to point B to quickly. I write down 20 things on a to-do list for one day, even though experience tells me I’ll go only get 1/4 of it done.

I find that I’m much happier (and actually get much more done) when I set the bar lower, and understand that I can’t do EVERYTHING I want to do in one day. Focusing on one or two things per day instead of committing to an entire week’s worth of work in one day will leave you feeling less stressed and more accomplished You’ll actually get more done, too.. At least, it’s worked for me whenever I do it. 🙂

Have a great week!


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  1. Hey, Dean, do you think the book would be good for training a senior dog? I inherited my mother’s pooch when she died, and he’s a great little guy, but… doesn’t even sit when I tell him to. 😀

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