5 Core Beliefs (Off the Mat)

5 Core Beliefs (Off the Mat)

Today I want to share with you some of my core beliefs – just 5, to be exact. Some of these have some application to fitness and health, while others do not.

The reason I’m sharing these with you today is because I want to share my values without religious or political context. This way you can see what I actually believe – instead of making assumptions based on my affiliation to a particular group.

I came up with these 5 beliefs while journaling late last night. Here they are:

  1. Respectfully expressing your opinion; Saying what you believe but also acknowledging that others may have contradicting beliefs based on their own experiences and core values.
  2. Specialization & Expertise: I believe that the best way for ourselves and for our society to accomplish as much as possible is to focus on what we as individuals can do best. Allow economists to tell us about the efficacy of economic planning, scientists to keep us informed and help guide our decisions, and fitness experts to tell us how best to be healthy – keeping in mind that each of these experts should be well qualified to give advice.
  3. Decisions must be made on facts, and when new data arises that disproves previous knowledge, we must have the humility to accept it and act accordingly. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s not okay to pretend we’re right and stay the course for the sake of our egos.
  4. Our success is limited by our aversion to failure. If you are not willing to try something that could end up failing, you are limiting the degree of your access. Failing is part of the process. But we learn from our mistakes, and we move on. I don’t trust “successful” people who claim they never fail.
  5. We are all doing the best we can. I came across this concept discussed in detail in the latest Brene Brown book. It basically says that those who believe this statement tends to be more optimistic, happier, more “wholehearted” (as Brene says it) people. Therefore, I really have no choice but to believe this – whether it’s accurate or not.

These are only 5 of my core beliefs. Some time last year I emailed out my personal mission statement, but I, unfortunately, don’t have it on the blog.

Let’s talk about what else is going on this week!

Fitness focus: Quick, Effective Workouts.
This week I’ve been focusing on workouts that involve 3-4 total exercises that tire me out in a small amount of time. The goal is to get quality reps, get to the point of failure, and then move on to the next exercise. I’m reducing volume in favor of completing more workouts, so I can workout more often without feeling as sore as I usually am.

Music I’m listening to: Young at Heart – Frank Sinatra
No idea why, but I’m finding myself singing this song at home in the mornings.

Products I’m enjoying: Rhone Street Joggers
It’s getting cold here in Austin, and I’m glad I have some very stylish joggers I can wear. Rhone is an incredible company. Almost all of the workout apparel you see me wearing on social media and on the workouts is from Rhone. Use the code yogabodydean for $20 off your purchase of $100 or more.

Book I’m reading: The Body Keeps The Score
I’m reading this one a bit slower than other books, but it really is fascinating. We’re just getting to the part where the author talks about how trauma can be healed through re-establish physical sensation and fitness. Really looking forward to the next chapter!

Personal Struggle: Making time for my walks.

Productivity has been awesome this week, but because of daylight savings time night now starts at 6 PM. Makes it tough to walk the dogs, which is also a really good destresser for me. Oh well – I can still walk in the dark.</i

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