6-Minute Workout to Build Strength

This is a quick workout that will help you build overall strength in your whole body. It only lasts 6 minutes, which is not an effective workout if only done once a day, but if you do it multiple times during the day, or repeat the workout in rounds, then it can be very effective! Check it out. Most of these poses* can be found in my eBook, which you can purchase here.

The workout starts being about 6 minutes long, but you can increase the duration of the poses to make it more difficult and last longer. I recommend that you try to progress to longer times as you do the workout over and over, so that you get stronger!

The Workout:

Squat hold – (30 seconds – 60 seconds)

Pose #1 – Deep Squat


Runner’s lunge (20 – 60 seconds) -> high lunge (20 – 60 seconds)High Lunge (Side)


Plank (30 seconds) -> Low plank (15 – 30 seconds)


untitled shoot-1029

Cobra (15 seconds)

Downdog (30 seconds – 60 seconds)

Downdog knee to nose, knee to elbow (hold for one breath)

untitled shoot-0695


This workout is fantastic for building strength while also challenging flexibility and range of motion. You may need to use a few warm-up poses to be able to do this effectively, but as long as you are not feeling pain in your body when you are doing this (remember – pain and fatigue are different things), then go for it.

*The knee to nose movement from downdog and the low plank are not in the eBook.

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