Ask Dean #5 – 10/22/14

Hey Dean,

When I do that pose, only on my right tricep, I feel a lot of pain in my medial head of tricep brachii area so cant do that pose at all or for long because it feels like too much weight/pressure being applied on it. And I cant figure out why… I’m only like 120#s, but I am also very new to doing this pose. Before I would just do plough because I could without problem (with the full on shoulder stance I always felt wobbly and incapable of doing it without falling out of the pose) and now it’s more of a pain reason why I cant. And I haven’t done anything to injure my arm so I’m stumped as to why I’m having this problem. Maybe my posture and form isn’t completely proper when doing the pose though. It’s hard to know, I don’t have any yoga mentors who could tell me if I am or not.

Thanks, Kim Maertz

Kim – try sending me a photo. of what’s going on. I would also play around with other poses where your arms are engaged (like low plank and dolphin pose), and notice if you are putting more pressure in your right side. Pay attention to your body and you can learn from it. 🙂


Hi Dean,

I was wondering whether you do savasana at the end of your daily solo practices (i.e. not making a video or leading a group class)? And whether it might be more effective to extend my Man Flow workouts by another 5-10 minutes instead, and just end with a minute in Mountain Pose? Honestly, I’ve never felt I was getting much, if any, physical benefit by ending a workout by spending 5-10 minutes “melting into the floor” or curled up in a fetal position. Thoughts?
Brian “Greywolf”
Hey Brian – I don’t do savasana. I usually end in 2 minute meditation, taking account of my body, in seated or mountain pose, personally. Seated pose (legs crossed, chest up, shoulders drawn down and back, core engaged) at the end is my favorite way to go.

4 thoughts on “Ask Dean #5 – 10/22/14”

  1. Hi Dean,

    When I’m in downward dog pose, my wrist hurt. I try to focus on finger pressure but I still feel it in the wrist, How to prevent it?

    About shoulder stand, I really can’t bring my legs up without straining my neck, this also happen in bridge pose. is it my core or I’m doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the workout Dean. I really like your workout better 🙂

    1. In downdog, focus on internally rotating your forearms and pressing down through your thumb and index finger (the L shape that those two form). Your wrist pain will subside eventually, but you should probably stop doing downdog and anything on your hands altogether for a few days to let it recover. You are not using your core enough in bridge and shoulder stand, and in bridge you are lifting too high and not putting enough weight in your shoulders.

  2. Hi Dean, I was wondering what are some yoga poses that warm you up for the lotus pose? Also, Do you get pedicures? And if you don’t, how do you get your feet so perfect? Could you send me some pictures of your feet? Thanks so much. Man Flow Yoga is the best!

    1. Lotus – hips flexibility. Do lunges. Pretty much any yoga poses that involves bending the knee.

      Regarding your second question, I’m locking my door tonight.

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