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The 90-Day Get Yoga-Ripped Program

The 90-Day Get Yoga-Ripped Program is now open for enrollment! If you’re ready to embark on a three month journey that will transform your life for the better, read on to see if this program is for you. This custom and private training initiative is only available to 6 selected participants – space is extremely limited.

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1 thought on “The 90-Day Get Yoga-Ripped Program”

  1. Dean,
    I thank you for your consideration, as an military veteran I have found myself wanting to expand my flexibility will complementing my strength training. I left the military and took a break from working out. So now after a year of trying to get back into it I finally found the flow of things. But also recently found yoga. Of the few sessions I have done, I have enjoyed it. A friend of mine referred me to your page and I have become interested in how you correlate it all together while developing my body to preform even better.

    I hope this reaches you in good standing!

    Best regards,
    Joshua Tweet

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