Beginner's Yoga - Strength, Balance and Mobility for Runner Performance

Strength, Balance and Mobility for Runner Performance

Beginner's Yoga Strength, Balance and Mobility for Runner Performance

What if I told you that 99.9% of all running injuries were preventable?

Maybe you already knew that. Okay – what if I told you that all running injuries were preventable with just a few minutes of exercise per day? Would you believe me?

Obviously, being injured sucks. It means you can’t run. So you wait a few weeks or a couple of months, and once your injury heals and you get back to running again. Only now you try even harder, because you’re making up for lost time. Soon enough that injury starts flaring up again, or maybe another part of your body starts to get angry. So what’s going on here?

The problem is you’re not addressing the root causes of your body’s problems. They might go away if you keep your running shoes off long enough, but as soon as you lace up and get back to the trail those issues will resurface. You need to go to the direct source. You need to:

You might not realize this, but everything I’ve just mentioned is solvable with the right yoga postures. Notice that I say the right yoga postures. You can’t just show up to a studio once per week and expect all of your running problems to go away. You need a workout that’s specifically geared toward runners. That’s what I want to show you.

This Quick Workout is great for building Strength, Balance and Mobility. Created with runners in mind, this is ideal for a lower body warm up or cool down!

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