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Beginners Yoga Strength for Resistance Training

This blog talks about the benefits of combining yoga with a weight training program, talks about who this is ideal for (yoga beginners), and introduces a new workout program I’ve designed specifically for anybody who lifts weights and wants to get stronger.

Today I’m excited to announce the release of a brand-new workout program, specifically designed to help people who lift weights and want to get stronger, stay healthy, and improve performance.

Beginners Yoga Strength for Resistance Training - New Program!

Most yoga workouts aren’t built to complement weight training. Sure, they can help, but they’re made with the idea that yoga (not weight training) is your main form of exercise, and so they don’t account for what you’re already doing with your weight training.

This program is different. I built this program under the assumption that you’re already doing weight training, and you’re not looking for yoga to replace that. Instead, you want yoga to complement your weight training, to help you lift more and build more muscle, prevent injury, and exercise without pain or discomfort.

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Weight training is fantastic for building muscle, increasing overall strength and power, and improving overall performance. But there many aspects of your fitness not compared by weight lifting that can be covered by a smart, complementary yoga program.

An effective yoga program mainly complements weight training by:

  • Increasing flexibility, mobility (both active and passive), and range of motion – Increase mobility in every way you can imagine, for faster muscle recovery, deeper squats, the ability to generate more force, and even injury-prevention.
  • Improving your balance – balance is both a skill and a strength, and when you get better at it, your legs get stronger in ways weight lifting alone won’t accomplish.
  • Improving muscle activation – slow it down and develop improved mind-body connection for more strength, more muscle fiber recruitment during all exercise, and better results.
  • Recovering from workouts – take time to stretch, recover, and restore your body. This allows you to return to training at 100% in less time, and decreases your risk of injury.

And that’s exactly what I want to do for you, in just around 30 minutes per day, as few as 3 days per week, with just a yoga mat, a block, a strap, and 12 square feet of space.

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The Beginner’s Yoga Strength for Resistance Training: Improve Muscle Activation, Increase Mobility, and Decrease Soreness & Injury

Program Goals

  • Improve strength and mobility for weight training, bodyweight exercise, and other resistance training.
  • Provide participants with complementary workouts to boost recovery times and prevent injury from overtraining.
  • Increase flexibility, mobility, muscle activation, and balance to prevent injury, decrease exercise-induced discomfort, and improve joint & muscular health.

Boat Pose - Photo Credit Dennis Burnett Photography 2018

Who’s This For?

  • Functional fitness, weight lifters, gym-goers, or any person looking to supplement their current weight training or bodyweight exercise program with yoga.
  • People new to yoga who want to get better at resistance training.
  • Yoga beginners who wants to improve muscular activation, correct muscular imbalances, increase functional mobility, and decrease exercise-induced soreness or pain.

Deadlifting to build Strength and Yoga to improve Deadlifting

Program Structure

  • ~2-4 months, 3 phases, 14 workouts
  • Workouts range in length from 20 – 35 minutes (averaging ~32 minutes)
  • Combine with your existing resistance training / bodyweight exercise program*
  • One workout per day on non-lifting days, and recovery workouts as needed.
  • Proceed at your own pace, but be consistent. 3-5 workouts per week recommend (not including supplementary workouts).
    *This program does not include resistance training. It is a program to supplement resistance training, not replace it.)

Low Plank Pose - Get stronger and stay healthy

Ready to get Started?
Learn More About Man Flow Yoga and how it can help you with your fitness goals: Beginner Yoga for MenMY #1 FITNESS RESOURCE!

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