Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn - 40 Minute Workout

Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn – 40 Minute Workout!

Here’s workout #3 – Yoga Flow for Strength & Muscle Burn – a full-body, 40-minute workout designed to build muscle, increase strength, and improve mobility. Give it a go below, FREE with the password!

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This workout was crazy. Top level stuff Dean. The growth of manflowyoga into what it is today astounds me. With content like this you will always have loyal subscribers to your yoga, fitness and lifestyle education.
Brent M.

OK this is good info Dean, you really opened up my eyes and shoulder muscles. This is good stuff, keep inspiring us to perform better.
Steven V.

Love these scapular activation & stability exercises. They really help you to wake up your upper back muscles and start to use them properly to take the stress off your shoulders.
Firas A.

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