Best Yoga Poses To Quickly Relieve Back Pain

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This series of exercises is my go-to routine for helping people to quickly relieve back pain. This routine includes progressions and modifications, therefore it is suitable for active and less active people alike.

First, it’s important to address the root causes of your back pain.
Back pain is caused by 4 things in particular:

  • Lack of hip mobility
  • Lack of hip strength
  • Lack of spinal ability
  • Lack of core strength

Therefore, for longterm back pain relief you want to focus on exercises that address all four.

Today, we are focusing on stretching the muscles that connect to your lower back and engaging the opposing muscle groups. The stretches will target your hips and the muscles that connect to your spine, and the muscle engaging exercises will target your core and glutes. It’s important to include both strength and stretch because, although stretching feels good in the moment, stretching alone is actually setting yourself up for more back pain. You have to address the weak areas contributing to your back pain as well, and you do that through strengthening work.

This routine starts off lying on your back; we will do the first few exercises from that position. Lying on your back is a great position for ab exercises because it helps your spine maintain a neutral position, making it easier for you to avoid inappropriately using your back.

Exercises included in the routine

Reclined twist (both sides)

  • Opens up your lower back
  • 30-60 seconds

Hands to thighs

  • Engages transverse abdominals, the deep layer of your abdominal muscles
  • 30-60 seconds

Hamstring stretch (alternating legs)

  • Stretches back of legs and engages core
  • Alternate legs for 30-60 seconds


  • Engages glutes, hamstrings, core
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds

Figure Four Stretch

  • Stretches glutes and hips
  • 30-60 seconds on each side

I hope you enjoy this routine; stick with a protocol of stretching and strengthening for optimal back pain relief results. In the majority of cases, you have the power to cure your own back pain by making routines like this one a priority in your daily life, and by staying mindful of your posture and form while you’re sitting at a desk, doing day-to-day tasks and exercising.

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If you have any questions, comment below and I will do my best to get back with you! I sincerely hope you are able to use this routine and my other routines to relieve your back pain indefinitely.

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