Bulletproof Your Back

Bulletproof Your Back

I’m making this blog to let you know about the release of my brand new workout program, Bulletproof Your Back, Phase 1 of which I am making available for FREE.

Check out Phase 1

Bulletproof Your Back is a program I created while working with a leading physical therapy clinic in Austin, Texas. The goal of the program is to help someone suffering from chronic or regular back pain address the root causes of their back pain, eliminate or greatly reduce the regularity and severity of their back pain, and help them return to normal exercise.

The program was originally supposed to be for the clinic exclusively, but due to a technical error we were unable to resolve, I decided to make it available to everyone.

Phase 1 of the Bulletproof Your Back Program determines whether you are flexion-based or extension-based (you’ll learn all about this on the program page) and gives you a few very simple, quick and effective exercises for you to start immediately strengthening your spine.

Phase 1 of the program includes:
  • A test to determine flexion-based vs extension-based
  • Tutorials for the exercises in the program
  • Yoga flows to follow along to
  • A quick 7-minute workout to relieve back pain

Workouts average less than 10 minutes, and you can expect your back to be feeling better within just a couple of weeks of starting. You can do these workouts on a daily basis – before your other workout, in the morning before going to work, or even after work when you can have a few minutes to spare.

The reason why I am making this free is because I want to show you that yoga can help you with your spine. You can strengthen your back with way less energy and time than you think, and with just a few minutes a day you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Click below to check out Phase 1 of the Bulletproof Your Back Program now! There’s no email address and no credit card required. Make sure to bookmark the link for ease of access.

Bulletproof Your Back

Bulletproof Your Back

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