Six Signs You need Yoga At 45+

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No Problem
I confess. I’m not always as proactive and purposeful as OlderBeast articles make me sound. When it comes to fitness, I’ve often just learned from injury-driven needs that motivated experimentation, or by simply lucking into things. When I started yoga at age 46, it wasn’t because I’d thoughtfully concluded “hey, I have some ‘need yoga’ signs.” I started just because yoga’s a weekly part of the P90X home fitness program. Luck.

This article was originally published at OlderBeast, whose mission is to help 45+ guys “double down” on body-and-soul health for the 2nd half of their life.

WTF does empowerment even mean? – Off The Mat

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WTF does empowerment even mean?
I’m sure you’ve seen this buzzword almost everywhere. Self-development groups. Sales pages. Speeches. Life coach advertisements. But if you’re like me, empowerment doesn’t really mean something specific – it’s more of a vague reference to something to do with self-development. Broken down, it would mean “to give yourself power”, but in what context? Until recently, I was still unclear about the meaning of “empowerment”, or even what it was. Tools? Information? A concept? It wasn’t until last week that the concept of empowerment finally clicked

The Most Humbling Balance Exercise

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The Most Humbling Balance Exercise
Yoga is fantastic for many reasons. But one critical aspect of fitness mainstream yoga tends to forget is STRENGTH in end range of motion. What is this referring to? By strength, I’m referring to the ability to control the muscle; to exert force. End range of motion refers to the maximum depth of a posture, or the deepest we can go into a stretch. Putting these terms together, strength in end range of motion, means being able to exert force when we are at our most flexible. Yet…

Engage And Recover

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This is an active recovery workout to help you speed up your recovery, improve energy levels, and relieve muscle tension and tightness. It’s perfect for the day after an intense workout, or a day when you’re just not feeling up to a high-energy workout. The workout starts off with a few intense, full-body exercises, but within less than 7 minutes winds down to a stretch session. The goal is to get your muscles turned on so we can better stretch them, to help you recover, feel better, and get back to 100%. Enjoy!

32 Minute Warrior

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32 Minute Warrior
Check out this featured workout from the Man Flow Yoga Workout Library! This workout focuses on slow holds and a few select postures to develop total body strength and mobility, focused on your hips and upper-body. Improve mobility, increase strength and endurance, and even build your muscular awareness. You’re going to enjoy this one!