Ask Dean #1 – August 22

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This is the first post for the Ask Dean section, in which I answer questions that you all have regarding fitness, yoga, or dieting. Remember, I’m not a life coach, so don’t ask me about chakras, your relationships, or other shit that I can’t help you with. Question #1: Hi Dean, I have been performing … Read More

I do yoga – why are my shoulders so tight?

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I do yoga – why are my shoulders so tight? Here’s an article for you guys that do yoga that might be wondering why you still have such tight shoulders. I had extremely tight shoulders until a few months ago when I started doing physical therapy exercises and deep tissue work on my own that … Read More

Low lunge to high lunge transition

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This week’s Wednesday Workouts is one of my favorite exercises. It is a slow transition from a runner’s lunge to a high lunge. This focuses on developing lower body endurance and core strength to help you lose weight, developing a flat stomach, six-pack abs, and gives you serious core strength. Check it out, and make … Read More

3 Poses for Upper Body Mass

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The 3 Yoga Exercises You Need for Upper Body Mass I get a lot of questions on how I can maintain upper body mass. It’s actually pretty simple. There are a few exercises that do the trick quite well, and you can knock out a great upper body workout using yoga moves in less than … Read More

Is Man Flow Yoga “yoga”?

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Last week’s article on teaching yoga to men that was published on YogaTrail evoked a pretty significant response. There were people who agreed with what I was saying, saying that they also found beneficial the methods that I use when I approach teaching yoga to men. There were some who said that my approach wasn’t … Read More

3 Poses for Upper Body

Testing PohlmanWorkouts

3 poses you need to get upper body mass using yoga moves. 1) Plank and Half push-up 2) Dolphin 3) Side plank. Try them out! Listen to the video for instructions on length and circuit training with these poses. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel at