Energizing Lunch Yoga Workout for Strength & Mobility

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Energizing Lunch Yoga Workout for Strength & Mobility - Photo credit 2018 Dennis Burnett Photography

In this blog I’m sharing with you an intense, 43-minute LIVE recorded workout. This is an exclusive test run from our upcoming Yoga Charge – the newest Body by Yoga DVD!

This workout was designed as an intense mid-day workout you can do during your lunch hour. The postures are mostly beginner-friendly, but it’s up to you how hard you want to push yourself – and whether or not you want to do the whole thing. This is an intense, full-body workout to build strength and mobility. You’ll sweat a lot and get an awesome workout, but you’ll also have fun while doing it!

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Exercises You Can Do While Sitting

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Exercises You Can Do While Sitting

Sitting for a few hours at a time is sometimes unavoidable, whether you’re on a plane, riding in the passenger sit of a car, or at a desk. This full-body routine was designed for exactly those moments.

Let me walk you through a series of exercises which can be done from a seated position, starting with exercises for your foot and ankle and working all the way to your head and neck for a full body challenge.

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Best Stretching Routine to Counter Sitting

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Best Stretching Routine to Counter Sitting - Photo Credit Dennis Burnett Photography 2018

Traveling is a great way to maintain balance in your life, destress, and boost creativity and overall happiness. Traveling also usually means sitting for an extended period of time in a car or on a plane. This routine includes 5 postures and is designed to efficiently counter the negative effects of sitting in just 10-12 minutes. These stretches can also be incorporated into your day on a regular basis to counter sitting at a desk or on a couch.

When we sit our hip flexors are inactive and in a shorted position, our glutes are inactive, our shoulders and spine round, and our chest tightens. These postures are effective at countering sitting because they work to put your body in the opposite position and engage muscle groups that are dormant while you sit.

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Strength Foundations Course Workout #2 (View full workout!)

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Full Workout Preview – Strength Foundations Course Workout #2

Here’s workout #2 – Breath & Movement with Balance Essentials – A full-body, 38 minute workout to build core and hip strength while improving overall strength for balance. Surprisingly effective! – FREE (with the password)!

This is the second workout from the Strength Foundations Course, a brand-new program I created to improve overall strength, prevent injury, and take your fitness to the next level. It’s just one of 25+ comprehensive yoga workout programs you’ll get access to when you join Man Flow Yoga.

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Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics (30-Minute Full Length Workout)

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Members Area Opens Soon Special Sneak Preview! Breathing and Muscle Activation Basics

If you’re already on the waitlist, thank you for your patience! I look forward to you joining us when we re-open the Members’ Area for early enrollment on Saturday, August 11. Not on the waitlist? Join the VIP waitlist for FREE and get the password to 3 exclusive full-length Members’ Area workouts, early enrollment access, and more!

Here’s workout #1 – Breathing & Muscle Activation Basics – a full 30-minute workout teaching how to integrate full body core strength into breathing and movement – FREE with the password!

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