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Do I Ever Sit Down and Watch TV?

Last week I had a friend send me a message out of the blue. I didn’t know if it was serious or not. I didn’t even know if he expected me to respond, but it got me thinking. His text message said:
“Do you ever sit down and watch TV?”
I know what it was in reference to. I put out a lot of content for Man Flow Yoga. And if you follow all of my social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and now… Snapchat) you might also be curious. I am constantly thinking of new content to produce, and when I’m not actually making content I feel somewhat guilty that I’m not.
So, to answer the question: Do I ever sit down and watch TV?
No. I would never sit down without a purpose or a specific show to watch. Long gone are the days when I sit down and zone out. When I watch TV, it’s usually commercial free, and it’s a show in which I am deeply engrossed. (Right now, that includes Daredevil and Marco Polo on Netflix.)
Anticipation of how I would feel after mindlessly watching TV prevents me from doing it, because knowing of all the content that I want to produce, the people that I want to reach, and the brand that I’m building, there’s no way I can justify giving away my time to no cause. (I hope that you have something you’re equally dedicated to! And if you’d like to share it with me, reply to this email and let me know what you’re working on.)
Anyways. No, I don’t just sit down and watch TV. My mom definitely wouldn’t approve either.
I’m almost done, I swear. I’m on the last couple of chapters now. Lots of good ideas in this about creating predictably variable content to people coming back for more. It just happened to coincide with the release of the Off the Mat with Dean emails. I’m working on creating a few more weekly predictable but variable content sources. Stay tuned! (I’ve already started doing Ask Dean on Facebook Live every Friday – you can check that out on the Man Flow Yoga Facebook Page by clicking here.)
Fitness focus: Shoulders and shoulder mobility
I am wondering what it would be like if I really pushed myself in terms of shoulder mobility. Pushing yourself to fatigue in strength exercises is one thing, but what if I spent every day or every other day really stretching and pushing my mobility in my shoulders? I’ll let you know.
Food of the week: Water, sea salt, & lime
Okay, so it isn’t a food. But this is a little concoction I started making shortly after moving down to Texas. It helps satiate my thirst for when summer picks up, and prevents me from eating a ton of unnecessary food. Since I stopped drinking regularly, it also serves as a G-rated margarita.
Product I’m enjoying: Rhone Fitness Apparel
A few weeks ago I connected with Rhone, because their branding looked like it really jived well with what I was doing with Man Flow Yoga. We talked on the phone, realized we were fitness compatibles, and did a product exchange. I’ve been wearing their stuff as often as I can ever since. I literally forgot that I was wearing shorts when I was driving to a lesson earlier this week – that’s how comfortable they are.
Click here to check out my favorite fitness apparel and get 15% savings off your total order with the code “ManFlowYoga15”. I recommend the Swift 7″ Lined Shorts and the Bulldog Tank. (It’s the tank top I’m wearing in the photo above.)
Talk soon,

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