Hip Recovery and Deep Stretching Routine

Hip Recovery and Deep Stretching Routine

Hip Recovery & Mobility Work with Hyperice Tools

Want to see some of my favorite mobility tools to build strength more quickly, improve mobility, and decrease recovery time? Check out this tutorial, courtesy of Hyperice.

This is a session designed to totally restore your hips; to get you stronger more quickly, release tension in your knees and spine, and get you back to your workout feeling fresh, in less time. The first half of the workout uses 2 mobility tools, the Hyperice vibrating foam roller (Vyper 2.0) and the Hypersphere to release tension, break up muscle knots and restricted muscle tissue, and lengthen tight, sore muscles. The second half to the workout focuses on long holds of extremely effective recovery stretches to lengthen your muscles, stretch out as much as you can, and help your muscles recover as quickly as possible.

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  • Want more info on the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 and Hypersphere? Head to hyperice.com/

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