Home Yoga Program for Physical Training

Home Yoga Program for Physical Training

Safe & Effective Scheduled Yoga Workout Programs for Physical Fitness & Overall Wellness.

Are you interested in yoga for physical training but have been turned off by the traditional spiritual approach? Maybe you’ve been unsuccessful with other types of exercise?

You want to use yoga for physical training and physical fitness, but you just haven’t found the right fit. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck.

Read on to learn how you can safely and effectively get the physical benefits of exercise with Man Flow Yoga!

This page covers:

  • The main types of people who benefit from a yoga program for physical training
  • How fitness-focused yoga can improve your overall wellbeing & physical fitness
  • Common weaknesses & challenges of people who aren’t using an effective, at-home workout program
  • Physical & mental benefits of incorporating fitness-centric yoga into your routine
  • A summary of the scheduled programs recommended for YOU
  • Results you can expect in 1 and 3 months of practicing Man Flow Yoga (just 3 times per week)
  • Real success stories from people practicing Man Flow Yoga at home to improve their physical fitness & wellbeing
At Home Yoga Workout Program For Overall Wellness & Physical Fitness

Man Flow Yoga has programs and hundreds of workouts designed specifically for someone like you. We are experts at helping people learn to use yoga for physical training and at providing you with the best at home workouts so it’s fun and easy for you to establish a workout routine. In addition to beginner-friendly workouts and scheduled workout programs, we also help keep you motivated and equip you with the tools and knowledge to live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Ready to learn how to use yoga as your main form of exercise, to safely and effectively build strength, manage weight, and live a healthier lifestyle? This post has all the information you need to get started!

You identify with one or all of the following


  • You’re interested in improving your overall health and well being, and this is (or will be) your primary workout.
  • You’re interested in a fitness training program to build a foundational level of fitness for daily life – moving pain-free and participating in the activities you enjoy.
  • You’re less experienced with yoga or fitness in general.
  • You may have followed a fitness program in the past, but have not been following one for a while now.
  • You’re interested in learning how to work out at home without sacrificing the quality of fitness training and instruction you’re receiving.
  • You need a program you can start at any level of physical fitness.
  • You’re interested in the psychological benefits of exercise.

Common Characteristics:


  • Up to this point, you have prioritized other aspects of your life over exercise and physical fitness.
  • Have started or followed diet or exercise plans in the past, but have not been able to stick with them long-term.
  • Interested in a structured program to follow with expected results (instead of selecting workouts or coming up with a plan yourself).
  • Your priority is feeling and moving well – being capable of the physical activities you want to do, and going about your daily life without pain in your joints or back (and if you lose weight and build some muscle, that’d be great, too!)

Common challenges:

  • Concern over overall health and well bring- you may be gaining weight or not exercising regularly and you would like to establish a workout routine and healthier lifestyle.
  • Chronic or recurring pain – joint pain, muscular pain, back pain, stiffness, and general physical discomfort (both while inactive and during activity).
  • Restricted day to day movement – inability or apprehension about exercise due to your history of chronic or recurring pain.
  • May have been unsuccessful with other fitness programs in the past (experiencing intolerable discomfort, pain, or injury that prevented them from continuing).
  • May be unsure about how to work out and home and stay motivated.

Home Yoga Program for Physical Training - Derek W - Success Story

I am a father, a United States Navy veteran, and I’ve been doing Man Flow Yoga for over a year now consistently. My posture has improved, I don’t have knee pain like I used to, and I don’t have to go the chiropractor nearly as often.

From Sean M

Bottom Line: How can Man Flow Yoga help to improve your physical fitness?

  • Man Flow Yoga helps you improve your overall health and wellness by decreasing your risk of injury or disease, improving your overall movement capabilities, and helping you feel physically and mentally better on a daily basis.
  • I give you the tools and structured programs to establish a daily habit of exercise, as well as lifestyle and diet/nutrition information to help you start living a healthier lifestyle. Not only that, l help you improve your motivation and discipline.
  • You’ll start off with just 10-20 minutes of exercise per day, and build up to 20-40 minutes per day. You should expect to work out 6 days per week. If this is not your only workout, then I recommend doing yoga at least 3x per week.

Goals this will help you accomplish:


  • Improve your overall health and well being.
  • Improve your body composition (build muscle, lose fat).
  • Build strength and mobility for functional fitness, so you can complete daily physical tasks without pain.
  • Get rid of chronic pain and improve your overall physical feeling on a daily basis.
  • Establish a daily habit of exercise, improve your motivation & discipline.

Expected, typical results (with recommended workout frequency)

What results can you expect after 1 month of Man Flow Yoga?

  • Greatly decreased overall physical pain or discomfort.
  • Improved fluidity of movement, decreased stiffness, and an overall improvement in physical feeling.
  • Improved joint & muscular health.
  • Improved flexibility, strength, and body control.
  • Improved body and postural awareness.

What results can you expect after 3 months of Man Flow Yoga?

  • Improved body composition – decreased fat, increased muscle.
  • Looking stronger – improved posture, weight loss, increased muscle tone.
  • Elimination or near-elimination of physical pain and discomfort.
  • A solid foundation of physical fitness – strength, mobility, and body control.
  • Greatly improved flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.
  • Greatly improved joint health – no more lower-back, shoulder, or knee pain.
  • Overall – looking, moving, and feeling better.

Summary of Programming

Program 1

Bulletproof Your Back (If you have chronic back pain, and aren’t ready for full body exercise yet)

Option 1: Bulletproof Your Back

(If you have chronic back pain, and aren’t ready for full body exercise yet)
This is a program I developed with physical therapists to relieve back pain and address the root causes of it. Build strength and mobility in your hips, core, and back, to relieve back pain and start feeling better in just weeks – or as little as a few days.

  • Starting at 10 minutes per day, building up to 20-30 minutes per day. At least 3, recommended 6x per week. 3-5 month program.

The Quick Learner - follow along, learn yoga, and get stronger in the process. No flexibility, no fitness experience required

Option 2: The Quick Learner

Beginner-friendly tutorial-workouts – follow along, learn yoga, and get stronger in the process. No flexibility, no fitness experience required.

  • Start noticing an immediately improvement in your overall physical feeling and movement in just a couple of weeks – maybe even a few days.
  • 20 minutes per day, 3-6x per week, 1-2 months

The Strength Foundations Course

Program 2: The Strength Foundations Course

This program teaches you how to exercise effectively, to ensure that you are exercising with proper form, avoiding injury, preventing pain, and developing functional strength and mobility for whatever you want to do with your body – even if that’s just fitness for day-to-day life.

  • Uncover and strengthen your weaknesses, increase mobility and strength, and improve your overall fitness.
  • 30-40 minutes per day, 3-6 days per week, 2-4 months

The Clark: Fitness for Functional Strength, Mobility & Overall Wellbeing

Program 3: The Clark – Fitness for Functional Strength, Mobility & Overall Wellbeing

This program is everything you need for a strong core, strength and mobility in your hips, and a strong, healthy spine. Simple, effective, and easy to follow workouts. Finish what you need to do for your fitness, and get on with your day.

  • 30 minutes, 3-7 days per week, for as long as you’d like.

Home Yoga Program for Physical Training - Derek W - Success Story

I have been using Man Flow Yoga for over 2 years; As somebody who is constantly travelling, this resource has made yoga a lot more accessible to me. I also appreciate the variety of different length workout videos, I can always find the right one to start my day!

From Derek W

Ready to get started?

All of these programs are part of the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area.

Click here to learn more!

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  1. Quick question- I have several of your DVDs- which are awesome by the way!
    How do those differ from what you do with the Clark?


    1. The Clark is slow-moving like the Yoga Boost program, except you have 6 workouts instead of just 4, and each are 30 minutes long. It’s a slightly more advanced, more demanding program, but if you can do Yoga Boost then I’m sure you can manage Clark. It’s a great progression.

  2. Thinking of joining. Only question is how do I watch/do it? On TV somehow or computer. I have a smart TV can I get the program thru Youtube or some other way?

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