Introducing the Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course

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Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course

Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course

Introducing… the Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course, the newest workout program from Man Flow Yoga. Featuring all new workouts, this program is designed to improve overall strength and mobility, significantly decrease your risk of injury, and help you get faster results in less time.

To help you understand this program, I need to talk about a common issue shared by nearly everybody (both experienced and inexperienced) who works out.

Whenever I start training somebody new, the same issues pop up over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out every day for the last 25 years, or if you’re brand new to exercise. The fact is that a majority of people are exercising inefficiently – they are limiting their potential results because they aren’t using the combined strength of all their muscles.

The reason why is because most fitness instructors just don’t cover all of the muscles and muscle groups that you should feel working when doing specific exercises. As long as it looks like you’re doing it correctly and you’re not getting injured, they assume that you’re doing the movement correctly. The reality is that most people are NOT doing the exercise correctly, because they aren’t using certain muscle groups during exercise.

This is bad for a ton of reasons, but 3 in particular:

  1. Limiting your potential strength and endurance. By not using the full strength of your body, you’re doing less and therefore getting less. It’s like showing up for a game with half of your team missing, or doing a 5-person job with just 3 people. You’re just not going to do your best.
  2. Setting you up for potential injury. Most people don’t learn to move properly. Improper movement patterns contribute to muscular imbalances, significantly increasing your risk of injury. These are the root causes of common joint pain, ligament tears, muscular strains and pain or discomfort in your shoulders, knees, hips, and back.
  3. Making exercise more difficult, while limiting effectiveness. You’re getting less done with more effort. Certain exercises are uncomfortable instead of feeling smooth. Recovery takes longer than it should. It might be developing mental resilience, but it’s not doing anything for your physical results.

Why should we wait to get injured? Why limit your potential strength? Instead of waiting for the inevitable to occur, you can be proactive by developing a solid foundation of strength and mobility, one that addresses the common underlying causes of pain, discomfort, and injury stemming from inefficient or improper exercise.

Developing this solid foundation of strength is easy. You just need the proper exercises and the necessarily attention to detail. Spend just a few weeks doing this and you’ll notice immediate improvements in all of your fitness activities.

Just like taking a break from work to sharpen your tools, you’re taking a short-term break for the sake of long-term efficiency – except that by doing these exercises, you won’t be taking a break at all. You’ll be getting stronger in new ways while improving your overall fitness for each and every one of your other fitness activities.

That’s exactly what you’ll do with my new program – the Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course.

The Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course is a comprehensive series of workouts to build a rock-solid foundation of fitness for your body, to take your strength and mobility to the next level, eliminate your body’s inefficiencies, and significantly decrease your risk of injury.

Using a combination of yoga, physical therapy, bodyweight exercise, and resistance training, you’ll learn everything you should have learned but didn’t, to improve your muscle activation, develop correct movement patterns for improved biomechanical efficiency, and build breath-body awareness.

Let’s recap.


  • Increase your overall strength and mobility
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Improve the effectiveness of your workouts, for better, more significant results.


  • Improve muscle activation and body-mind awareness [to significantly improve all areas of your fitness]
  • Develop correct movement patterns and increase biomechanical efficiency
  • Build breath-body awareness to improve body control & cardiovascular strength.

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16 Comments on “Introducing the Man Flow Yoga Strength Foundations Course”

  1. Really interested in program, unfortunately I go to sea, and am unable to stream videos. Anyway to download workouts? Have enjoyed your yoga workouts so far. Thanks

    1. Hey Brian – yes, you can purchase the videos for download on We don’t have the playlist organized for purchase yet, but we can do that before we start.

    1. Clayton – sorry, we forgot to update this. Start date is pushed back to 7/9 so the people who are traveling for the 4th will be able to participate as well.

      So you’ve got a week to get ready! 🙂

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