Manbassador Spotlight: Joshua

September’s Manbassador of the Month is Joshua Rex Vanderhoof, of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Joshua helps manage the [email protected] customer service emails as well as with the process of getting workouts from the video camera to the website. Joshua has a lot of interesting information that he wants to share with you, so I’ll just let him take it from here. 🙂

Current Favorite Pose

  • Savasana. After spending the past few years in grad school and working a lot, taking a moment to rest has been a huge practice.  

Favorite healthy food

  • Apples and Honey. I’ve been cutting out all refined sugars, but the inner child in me loves to enjoy something sweet. So I’ve been mixing honey and greek yogurt to make a little dip, and enjoy this now with some sliced apples. 

Favorite non-healthy food

  • I will argue that this is healthy, but Chips and Salsa. I grew up in Southern New Mexico, and this is a staple in our diet. My family has a 2 year State Fair winning recipe, that used to be sold in a few stores around the state. What makes it “non-healthy” is that I tend to want to eat that, and only that. 😉

Proudest physical accomplishment since you’ve started doing yoga

  • This past couple weeks I noticed my profile and for the first time in my life, my chest is bigger than my stomach. I have been on road to optimal health since about 2010 when I was at my highest weight. Each day is a new lesson, and it was the Mobility work here at MFY that helped me to release the muscles in my chest and stomach (especially the psoas), so that I could start gaining muscle.

What are you currently working towards?  

  • A balanced life. I have spent the past 8 years attaining two degrees, started 3 non-profits, travelled the world, worked at few different jobs, and would throw Yoga in where ever I could find it. This year I declared that I would live a life of fitness, and It has forced me to step back, slow down, and find a practice that will give me my life. I have been changing up my diet and workout routines, and my next fitness goal is all about aesthetics, time to pop that shirt off and feel good about myself. 

How did you find Man Flow Yoga?

  • I had stayed away from yoga because I grew up in a fairly conservative religion. I wanted yoga, but was a little afraid of everything I’d heard about it.  I found MFY on Youtube, and was sold. Its funny, somewhow in the process of creating a physical practice, I started to find some spiritual and emotional healing that came through for me. 

Where are you from?

  • Born in Southbridge, MA, and then moved to Las Cruces, NM when I was 5 years old. I love it here. 

What’s a fun fact about you?

  • I always carry toys with me. Usually plastic dinosaurs.  I love play and bringing play to everything that I do. Life is too serious. Its common for me to leave random toys in public spaces, and I’ve been known to leave random toy boxes at peoples houses and businesses.  If you have a child on the plane when I’m traveling I make sure to share with them. Once you’ve set on a 10 hour flight next to 3 toddlers, you realize how important play is. 

Joshua is active on social media and in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group. His email is joshua@manflowyoga.com. You can like his coaching page on Facebook at facebook.com/JoshuaRex.

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