Manbassador Spotlight: LeRoy

June’s Manbassador of the Month is LeRoy Cheyney, of Boise, Idaho! Read on to learn more about LeRoy.

1) Current favorite pose

2) Favorite healthy food

3) Favorite non-healthy food
Orange Slices Stuffed with Dark Chocolate, Fresh Mint and Chambord

4) Proudest physical accomplishment since you’ve started doing yoga
Joint Strength and Mobility

5) What are you currently working towards?
Weight Loss (50 lbs to go!)

6) How did you find Man Flow Yoga?
It was 2 A.M. And I couldn’t sleep, I did a Google search for online yoga video’s and couldn’t find anything. Then I went on facebook, and “WALLA!” their was Dean in all his glory as a Facebook Ad (thanks Facebook stalker software!)! I then browsed the MFY site and quickly became a fan.

7) Where are you from?
Boise, Idaho

8) What’s a fun fact about you?
I am a Traditional Native American Healer


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