Member Spotlight: Angelino

This month’s Member of the Month is Angelino, who has been with the Man Flow Yoga Community since it started with the Members Area back in late-December 2015. Angelino is one our international members, as he is based in Belgium. Read on to learn more about Angelino, and be sure to connect with him in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group!

1) Current favorite pose

Chaturanga or yoga push up. In the very beginning I couldn’t even hold a decent plank. As soon I was in the pose I could feel my body trembling. I progressed from nothing to being able to hold a plank for a significant time and then I started focusing on the yoga push up which progressed the same way as my plank. I did start doing yoga at 308 lbs. Now I’m at 264 lbs which is still too heavy but being able to do this pose makes me feel so good. I have to say though that I’m really passionate about yoga. I really like all the poses (even Dolphin or frog pose after a killer workout)

2) Favorite healthy food

I love vegetables. I can eat loads of them too because they’re so tasty. My favorite is salad. I eat bowls of that stuff.

3) Favorite non-healthy food

Fries with mayonnaise ( yes, welcome to my country ) and vanilla  ice cream with chocolate sauce are definitely my favorites. I hate that I have a slower metabolism although I’m someone who grows muscle fairly easily. I also don’t need a lot of protein to grow. I love to eat in general but I gain weight so easily.

4) Proudest physical accomplishment since you’ve started doing yoga

Becoming more and more flexible which was my goal. I love that there are so many exercises I still have to learn and progress into. Before I started doing yoga I’ve always been stiff without much mobility. I did bodybuilding for about ten years then I quit because my muscles felt so tight. I didn’t like it anymore so I started swimming a lot more and focused on cardio. 

5) What are you currently working towards?

I’m currently working towards more flexibility, strength, endurance, fat loss which will remain the same goal for the next couple of years.

6) How did you find Man Flow Yoga?

Although swimming makes you looser I wanted to do something that was directly geared towards mobility and flexibility. I had been wondering about yoga. Thus started my search on the web. I found man flow yoga and it immediately peaked my interest because it was called man flow yoga (yes, back then I was bit prejudiced towards the masculinity of the sport). Also the fact that Dean was a beast back then attracted me. I wanted the same look for me. I started checking the videos and doing the poses from the e-book and I was immediately hooked. I never really felt the need to look beyond Dean. I love his holistic approach and his honesty towards what yoga is good for. Read the science of yoga by William J.Broad. Yoga is still being marketed as being perfect for fitness without any need for other things. That’s not the case.

7) Where are you from?

I’m from Belgium, Europe. Famous for Belgian waffles and chocolate, terrorists and being without a government for a really long time.

8) What’s a fun fact about you?

I love doing yoga while listening to death metal. I’m a huge metal head. I tried it once on nature music thinking it might relax me and half a minute later I couldn’t stand it anymore. It had a backwards effect.

angelino downdog

Angelino plank

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