Member Spotlight: Ralph

This month’s Member of the Month is Ralph, from upstate New York. Read on to learn more about Ralph, and be sure to connect with him in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group!

What is your current favorite pose?

Warrior 3. It’s elegant and challenging, once you get the hang of it. It’s one of those poses where it’s super important to find the length in your spine, I love it. For an extra challenge to the balance, I do it perched on something a few feet off the ground. Don’t be afraid to fall, it engages all your senses!

What is your favorite healthy food?

I ghee everything lately. I lean toward a ketogenic diet, and It’s a fantastic substitute for regular butter. It has a richer flavor that tastes great on sprouted bread, sweet potatoes, even mixed into your morning joe. 

What is your favorite non-healthy food?

Who doesn’t love cold beer and VERY spicey buffalo wings?

What is your proudest physical accomplishment since you started doing yoga?

I COULD NOT do planks at all before ManFlowYoga. a few seconds into it, the sagging mid section buckled. Now I can hold those two-minute planks to train that core engagement! 

What are you currently working towards?

I want to work up to a half-marathon, which is a bit over 13 miles. So far I top out at 12, just shy of my goal. The yoga has improved my running. The Mobility sessions have been a lifesaver in preserving my injury-free running, those little KnotOuts myofascial release tools are amazing. 

How did you find out about Man Flow Yoga?

My Facebook friend ,Scott. He followed ManFlowYoga, and curiosity lead me to it in Feb of 2016. What a life changer curiosity can be. 

Where are you from?

From the beautiful Dominican Republic. I have been in the States many years, since I was a child. Any ManFlowers ever visited? I like how our community includes so many diverse people.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I was an artist before being a nurse, drawing painting, and some sculpting. I’ve shown at a few exhibits, and done some professional commercial work such as logos. Drawing portraits were my specialty. Of friends, family, even co-workers. Once I calmed a dementia patient who was hysterical by drawing a portrait of her, and it made her smile.I like when anything i draw or paint brings people joy. 

Be sure to connect with Ralph in the Man Flow Yoga Community!


3 thoughts on “Member Spotlight: Ralph”

  1. Congrats Ralph! Glad you discovered the site and happy that you were selected! Looking forward to more of your posts! ??

  2. Great pose shot Ralph and glad to read about your story. Would love to see some of your art. I’m a fine artist myself The story about the dementia patient is very inspiring. Glad to hear you are using your gifts brother! All the best, Len

  3. Angelino Pinanez Galeano

    I’ve been to the dominican republic but only one day as part of a cruise I did 7 years ago.

    I remember the white beaches, the blue water and the coconuts.

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