How Man Flow Yoga Helped Barry Eliminate His Back & Hip Pain Entirely (Member Highlight: Barry P.)

“A lot of guys find yoga intimidating, but MFY is not… [I really like the fact that it’s a workout. It’s not a big metaphysical experience. And it really is non-threatening.”

Barry P., Man Flow Yoga Member

57-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, Barry P., originally joined Man Flow Yoga after suffering a back injury while skiing. During his recovery process, his physiotherapist recommended building his core strength — an often overlooked way to prevent back pain. 

Also, as Barry grew older, he realized that he was also getting weaker. Besides walking his dog, he hadn’t done much physical activity prior to joining Man Flow Yoga. 

Not to mention, he also dealt with the “wear and tear” all men experience with age: Tight muscles and inexplicable pain popping up at random intervals. 

While he just chalked up his tight muscles and achy body to age. But whenever he stretched, he felt better, but it wasn’t a consistent staple of his wellness routine. Well, around the time his physiotherapist recommended building his core strength, Barry’s wife was going to a yoga class. Intrigued, he decided to look up yoga designed for men—like other men, traditional and class-based forms of yoga intimated him. 

Stumbling on Man Flow Yoga felt like destiny. And over three years after suffering his skiing-induced back injury, Barry’s back is completely pain-free!

How Barry Used Man Flow Yoga To Eliminate His Back Pain, Knee Pain, and Feel Less Sore and Stiff

After discovering Man Flow Yoga, Barry first started enrolling in programs. First, he did Strength Foundations, then Bulletproof Your Shoulders, then Beyond Strength Foundations, SPF-30, and more. 

Within his first month, Barry realized his core was getting stronger. And tighter. The programs gave him a sense of structure and routine—something that had been missing in action before becoming a Member. 

As Barry’s core strengthened, his back pain started to fade away. But that’s not all: Barry also felt pain in his hips and legs more often than not. But the more he did Man Flow Yoga, the more the pain and achiness reduced. Until, one day, he eliminated it entirely! 

After a month or two, Barry noticed something else: 

It felt like he had a new “default” state of wellness. Instead of waking up stiff and sore, he woke up without aches and pains. He also noticed that the more consistent he was with his routine, the longer he could hold poses. 

These improvements led to “real-world” benefits too: 

After joining Man Flow Yoga, Barry found that he can… 

  • Stand for longer periods of time without back pain
  • Sit for longer periods of time without hip pain
  • Move around more easily, especially with going up and down stairs 
  • Do daily tasks and chores more easily and quickly 

Plus, he noticed significant improvements in skiing and ice skating (activities which take more ankle strength) and in kayaking (his shoulders or cardio doesn’t tire out as quickly). 

Today, Barry takes a slightly different approach to his Man Flow Yoga routine rather than simply following programs. Now he identifies a weak area of his body, uses the Man Flow Yoga app’s search feature, and creates his own regimen based on body parts he needs to focus on. 

Despite all this – we still haven’t covered Barry’s favorite part of Man Flow Yoga yet… 

What’s Barry’s Favorite Thing About Man Flow Yoga? 

While Barry accomplished some incredible feats using Man Flow Yoga, his favorite part is this: 

Man Flow Yoga helped him establish a workout routine that he can stick with – something he struggled with in the past. 

“I think the biggest thing about Man Flow Yoga that’s made it easy for me to exercise.” — Barry

Why does Man Flow Yoga make it easy for him to exercise? 

Well, for starters, he went through a ton of programs when he first started. Programs that have structure baked in. Once he created a routine, sticking with it has been a breeze. He also connects his Man Flow Yoga workout—which is typically 30 minutes, but he chooses a longer video if he has time or a shorter one if he’s pressed for time—with his cycling in the morning. 

He hasn’t missed a workout in 4 months (and counting!). 


Barry also loves how easy the app is to use. The calendar feature specifically lets him schedule workouts throughout the month, so he doesn’t have to think about which exercise he should do on a given day. He just looks at his calendar, loads up the day’s workout, and hits play. Voila!

But best of all? 

Well, I’ll let Barry say this in his own words: 

“[Man Flow Yoga is] easy to do. You can do it at home with minimal setup. It’s non-threatening. Dean provides extremely detailed instruction, so you’re never really at risk of any injury—I find his instruction is much better than the instruction that I would get in a live yoga program. And every time I’m wondering if I’m doing something correctly, he has a correction or a tip that he provides in the video so he really anticipates the needs of the user. It’s easy to get into, it’s easy to follow, and I would say try it and see how it goes for you.”

Want to take Barry up on his offer, and give Man Flow Yoga a try?

Do you have unexpected aches and pains (or full-blown injuries) popping up more frequently? 

Then, do as Barry did, and give Man Flow Yoga a shot. You can start your 7-day free trial to Man Flow Yoga below: 

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How Man Flow Yoga Helped Barry Eliminate His Back & Hip Pain Entirely (Member Highlight: Barry P.)

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