5-Time Marathon Runner Uses Man Flow Yoga To Prevent Running-Related Injuries (Member Highlight: Nick G.)

“Dean’s instructions are the closest you can get to having individualized coaching while doing it completely remote”

Nick G., Man Flow Yoga Member

Nick G., a 48-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, is an accomplished long-distance runner. To date, he’s completed 5 marathons and over 25 half-marathons! 

While both are incredible feats, he didn’t run 30+ marathons and half-marathons without his fair share of running-related injuries. In fact, that’s what originally drew him to Man Flow Yoga: He wanted to maintain his physical fitness and balance out the repetitive movements that come with long-distance running. 

What kind of running-related injuries has Nick faced? 

Well, for starters, the repetitive movements created a major imbalance in his body. His right foot developed a small indent, but his left foot is completely flat. This seemingly small imbalance between his feet has caused a slew of injuries from running around 500 miles—and that’s just including the races he was in, not all the training he did to lead up to the marathons and half-marathons he ran!

Because of this, Nick has worked with a physical therapist for quite some time to balance out his body. Plus, he’s also frequented several in-person yoga studios since 2018 because he knew how crucial yoga was for lengthening his long-distance running career. 

Well, when in-person yoga studios shut down during the pandemic, Nick didn’t know what to do. A few local studios shifted to an online model… But the classes felt empty. Like something was missing—despite seeing 20-some faces on Zoom all attempting the same yoga pose. 

That’s when Nick realized he needed an actual online yoga service. One that felt like individualized coaching, but was remote. Well, he stumbled upon Man Flow Yoga, and specifically our Strength Foundations Challenge

This was in 2020—and he’s still a member 3 and a half years later. 

How Man Flow Yoga Enhances Nick’s Fitness

The first surprise Nick realized after joining Man Flow Yoga is that many of the poses Dean teaches inside the Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area are the same ones his physical therapist recommends. 

This gave Nick an immediate sense of relief that he’d chosen the correct online yoga service. Dean’s detailed instructions rivals any in-person yoga class Nick has ever attended. In fact, he even said the following: 

“Dean’s instructions are the closest you can get to having individualized coaching while doing it completely remote.” 

He loves how technical Dean gets when explaining each pose (and various variations of them). Nick’s done a lot of yoga over the years—but Dean’s attention to detail is unmatched, which has really helped him hone a consistent yoga practice, something he struggled with in the past. 

As for the specific changes Nick has noticed… 

The first, and most important, is that Nick’s consistent yoga practice helps him prevent injuries and feel like his best self more often. He doesn’t experience nagging running-related aches or pains nearly as much. But this is far from the only benefit Nick has noticed since joining. 

He’s also noticed that his sleep has improved: 

Nick has always been one of those people who, as soon as his head hits the pillow, his mind starts working overtime. But following the Man Flow Yoga evening routines help quiet his anxious mind before bed. Now, Nick falls asleep with relative ease, as soon as his head hits his pillow. 

He’s also noticed that his squat—something he never particularly enjoyed—has increased. Nick never liked squatting, but since Man Flow Yoga incorporates squats into several Man Flow Yoga Programs, his squat, and especially his squat form, have improved. 

In fact, Nick even asked his trainer to coach him on how to do a proper squat after joining Man Flow Yoga. 

His trainer’s response? 

He didn’t need extra guidance… Thanks to Man Flow Yoga, he had perfect squat form. 

And he’s seen the benefit of Man Flow Yoga carry over into other forms of exercise too, like his high intensity interval training (HIIT). Besides running, Nick enjoys doing HIIT workouts that require lots of planking—something he can hold twice as long compared to before joining Man Flow Yoga. 

Nick also has a tendency to develop wicked knots in his upper left shoulder. He’s not sure if it’s from running or the position he falls asleep in. But it always irritated him throughout the day. 

Well, Nick’s discovered the Eagle Arm Pose helps unlock these knots—and now he uses the Man Flow Yoga App’s search function to address any areas of weakness that pop up. 

And last but not least, back to running… 

Nick uses Man Flow Yoga to complement his long-distance running. Sometimes he watches a workout before a run—and notices that he gets “in the zone” faster when he does this. Other times, he uses a Man Flow Yoga workout to cooldown after a run—and he finds that his body feels less sore and achy the following day. 

And you know what? 

Man Flow Yoga also had some surprising benefits for Nick: 

2 Surprising Benefits Nick Found After Joining Man Flow Yoga

Nick has been practicing yoga somewhat consistently since 2018. So, he already knew about many of the benefits we mentioned up to this point. 

But there were a couple of benefits that surprised even Nick… 

Surprising Benefit #1: Higher Energy Levels 

Being a multiple marathon runner, Nick has long known that consistent exercise energizes you. 

But nothing has energized him quite like a Man Flow Yoga workout…

Nick works from home, and it’s hard to keep his energy levels up throughout his work day. Especially during the colder months. But his consistent Man FLow Yoga practice helps him stay energized and focused at work. 

Whenever his energy levels feel particularly low, Nick watches a Man Flow Yoga workout during his lunch break, and feels a surge of energy and focus that lasts him the rest of the day. 

Surprising Benefit #2: The Camaraderie in the Man Flow Yoga Facebook Group

Nick tried online yoga before Man Flow Yoga—and he hated it. He always felt alone and isolated watching a Zoom screen from his old yoga studio with 20-some people on the screen. 

So, he wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Man Flow Yoga Facebook Group. He joined Man Flow Yoga for the workouts, but he’s come to enjoy the camaraderie with other Members in the Facebook Group, especially during Community Challenges (which we host once a quarter). 

Not only does he find the group motivating and inspiring, but he loves connecting with like-minded men, especially when he’s doing the same workout with other people around the world at the same time during a Community Challenge. 

Why Nick Wants You To Join Man Flow Yoga

Nick’s favorite part about Man Flow Yoga—besides Dean’s incredible attention to detail while giving instructions—is the endless variety it offers. Inside the app, the search function makes it easy to find a workout he needs on any given day (regardless of how much time he has or what’s ailing him at the moment). 

He especially loves being able to search based on the length of a workout, so he can squeeze in a workout no matter how much (or how little) time he has on his hands. 

Another aspect Nick likes about Man Flow Yoga that we haven’t’ mentioned yet is this: 

Nick splits time living in the city and the countryside. Since he can take Man Flow Yoga with him wherever he goes, he’s become more consistent, has experienced fewer injuries, and generally feels better about his physical fitness than he has in years. (Yes, even when he’s run over 30 marathons and half-marathons.)

Why Trevor Wants You To Try Man Flow Yoga 

Do you want to improve your physical fitness, experience fewer aches and pains and injuries, and just generally feel your best more often like Nick does? 

Then, you can start your 7-day free trial to Man Flow Yoga below: 

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