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How Man Flow Yoga Helped A Former Minor League Hockey Player Get Back In Shape After Becoming A Dad (Member Highlight: Daniel H.)

“Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga.”

Daniel H., Man Flow Yoga Member

Daniel, one of the youngest Man Flow Yoga Members in our community, first joined Man Flow Yoga in 2018 after he became a dad. 

Before his voyage into fatherhood, Daniel played minor league hockey. And as a former hockey player, he was always fully healthy, athletic, and in shape. But then he had a couple of daughters, and as you can imagine, he fell off the fitness wagon. 

Busy days and long nights quickly turned into months, then years of not working out much. Luckily, he found Man Flow Yoga shortly after disconnected with his health and fitness, and used it to springboard back into exercise. 

After joining Man Flow Yoga, Daniel experienced a massive “win.” 

The win? 

Well, before joining Man Flow Yoga, he realized that whenever he ran more than a mile, his right knee gave out. Besides being a former hockey player, Daniel is also an avid OCR (Obstacle Course Race) runner. And his right knee giving out whenever he ran more than a mile spelled trouble for his athletic career. 

And so, Daniel originally signed up for the Bulletproof Your Knees program. Besides helping him revitalize his knee (and be able to run more than a mile without his right knee giving out), consistently following this program also helped him rekindle his love for exercise. 

Besides giving Daniel a “brand-new” knee, Man Flow Yoga also unlocked these benefits… 

3 Ways Man Flow Yoga Benefited Daniel’s Mind & Body 

Beyond revitalizing his knee, perhaps the most important benefit Daniel found after joining Man Flow Yoga is this: 

It helped him reconnect with his body and mind, and get moving and exercising again. When Daniel had his newborn daughters, his fitness routine fell off a cliff. And when he tried to get back into exercise, he frequently injured himself because he tried to train with the intensity that he did in college. But his body was different now, more prone to injuries. Hence him finding out running more than a mile caused his right knee to give out. 

As an elite hybrid athlete, Daniel trains a lot. Sometimes, he trains 2 hours a day—something he couldn’t have accomplished without Man Flow Yoga helping him get back on the wagon. And Man Flow Yoga still supports his exercise routine. 

For example, Daniel’s a big fan of using Man Flow Yoga for recovery. After a grueling 2 hour workout, he’ll relax his body and mind by turning on a Man FLow Yoga recovery video. Not only does it make him feel better in the moment, but it also eliminates soreness the next day. 

In the past, Daniel also enjoyed Dean’s morning workouts because it just started his day right. 

Not to mention, besides the physical benefits, Man Flow Yoga also helped him improve his mental health, particularly when it comes to finding his deeper “why.” 

Fatherhood threatened Daniel’s workout routines, but Man Flow Yoga helped him redefine athleticism and working out as a dad. And this helped him reconnect with his purpose of working out. 

Why Daniel Wants You to Join Man Flow Yoga 

“Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga.” — Daniel

As a man, Daniel appreciates having a male yoga instructor like Dean. Not only does Dean make it simple for him—someone who has never done a flexibility-focused style of exercise before—jump in from the beginning with proper technique. This fast tracked his knee recovery, and also helped him get back into the habit of working out. 

Daniel’s favorite part of Man Flow Yoga is the massive catalog of workout videos. This catalog—and the search function in particular—makes it a breeze for him (and you) to find the perfect workout video for you on any given day. 

Daniel uses Man Flow Yoga for obstacle course race recovery, to keep his flexibility and mobility optimized, and if he’s traveling, he uses it to get in a quick workout without searching for a gym. 

But his favorite aspect of Man Flow Yoga is this: 

Yoga can be intimidating when you go to a class, full of women. But when it’s just you and Dean? Well, Dean makes yoga both simple and achievable. And this, more than anything else, has helped Daniel stick with his yoga practice. 

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