How Man Flow Yoga Helped One Woman Restore Strength In Her Leg After A Nasty Blood Clot (Member Highlight: Inger-Marie)

“I’m really glad I found Man Flow Yoga because what happened to my leg in 2019 was not good, and I didn’t get help from anywhere — except Man Flow Yoga.” 

Igner-Marie C., Man Flow Yoga Member

Despite our name—and the fact that most of our customers are men—a big misconception about Man Flow Yoga is that it’s only designed for men. While most of our content, courses, and yoga videos are designed with men in mind, we also have several female Members who have gone through life-changing transformations through Man Flow Yoga, like Inger-Marie. 

Igner-Marie is a 52-year-old female Man Flow Yoga Member with an incredible story:

In 2019, she discovered a large, tennis ball-sized knot in her right leg. She didn’t know what it was, and frantically booked a doctor’s appointment to get to the bottom of it. Well, her doctor recommended surgery, and Igner-Marie listened to her doctor. 

Unfortunately, while surgery helped get rid of the tennis ball-sized knot in her right leg, this marked the true beginning of her health problems in her right leg. While the surgery seemed successful at first, it wasn’t. Shortly after the procedure, Igner-Marie went back to her doctor only to discover that she had a massive blood clot in her right leg and in her stomach. Turns out, they gave her the wrong treatment at the hospital. And her blood clot in her right leg and stomach sabotaged her quality of life.

But don’t worry. Keep reading to discover how Man Flow Yoga finally helped her with these problems after she exhausted all other options without success:

How Man Flow Yoga Helped Inger-Marie’s Blood Clots 

After realizing she had a blood clot in her right leg and stomach, Igner-Marie realized she needed to do something to fix her right leg—and fast. The only problem was, she couldn’t find help anywhere! 

Her doctors were the ones who put her in this vulnerable position. And they offered no help after their blunder. Same with the hospital who treated her wrong, and caused the blood clots. 

She was scared, anxious, worried, and didn’t know where to turn. Luckily in her case, before the blood clot fiasco happened, she stumbled upon Man Flow Yoga’s YouTube channel, and resonated with Dean’s teaching style. Since she’s tried a few Man Flow Yoga workouts before, she decided to sign up for the infamous Strength Foundations Challenge because, quite frankly, she didn’t know where else to turn. 

Well, as it turns out, signing up for the Strength Foundations Challenge was one of the best decisions she’s made. 

Despite her leg being severely messed up from her blood clot, she quickly experienced several quick wins by going through the Strength Foundations Challenge

  • Her right leg seen marked improvements in overall strength 
  • Her right leg’s flexibility finally started to come back 
  • And she discovered that Man Flow Yoga restored the mind-body connection she had with her right leg. 

Let me expand on that last point a bit more: 

Remember, before Igner-Marie even contemplated surgery, she had a tennis ball-sized knot in her right leg. This knot, then the subsequent surgery which caused a massive blood clot in her leg, destroyed the connection she had in her mind to the muscles in her right leg. She knew her right leg was there, and that she could control it, but it didn’t “feel” like it was her leg. 

Surgery exacerbated this problem, and afterwards, her right leg felt less like hers than she ever remembers in her life. 

Well, through the Strength Foundations Challenge, she restored the mind-body connection she has with her right leg by improving the strength, flexibility, and mobility she had within every muscle of her right leg. 

The Strength Foundation Challenge was so fundamental to her recovery that she immediately signed up for a full membership to Man Flow Yoga after the 6-week challenge ended. And she decided to go through the Strength Foundation Challenge a second time right after the first because the challenge helped her restore function to her leg in a way that nothing she tried before had. 

Besides the strength, mobility, and flexibility benefits she noticed from Man Flow Yoga, her right leg finally felt “normal,” and that it was actually her right leg after all. 

She recovered from her injury so fast that it shocked her! 

And she’s been a satisfied Man Flow Yoga Member since 2019 when the blood clot fiasco happened, and she’s experienced several other life-changing transformations since signing up in 2019. 

3 Other Benefits Igner-Marie Experienced After Joining Man Flow Yoga 

Besides restoring strength, function, mobility, and flexibility to her right leg, Igner-Marie has experienced several other “upgrades” to her health and wellbeing since joining Man Flow Yoga. 

The most notable “upgrades” include: 

  1. At 52-years-old (and after suffering from a crippling blood clot in her right leg), Igner-Marie told our team she’s more flexible than anyone else her age that she knows. (This is massive, especially because men are less flexible, on average, than women — yet Man Flow Yoga made her more flexible than any other women she knows in her age group.) 
  2. She uses Man Flow Yoga, and Dean’s instruction cues, to improve her weight training and kettlebell training. (While she’s worked out consistently for most of her life, she didn’t realize how to fully use her body in her workouts until becoming a Man Flow Yoga Member. Thanks to Dean’s coaching style, she now knows how to use her body in a better way, which improves every other workout she tries.) 
  3. She’s developed a seventh sense of awareness to her breath and body. (This has helped Inger-Marie use Man Flow Yoga to slow down when life or work gets hectic. Plus, it’s also helped her in everyday activities: She’s more mindful of her breath and her body when r picking up grocering, biking, and doing other physical activities on a daily basis.)

All of this means that the 2023 version of Inger-Marie is happier, healthier, and more in tune with her body at all times than she was in 2019, when a blood clot threatened her active lifestyle, and she lost the mind-body connection between her mind and right leg. 

“Dean is a really really gifted teacher, I have never met anybody that I could learn yoga from in the way Dean taught me.”

Inger-Marie C. 

She went on to say that she doesn’t think she could’ve learned yoga better from anyone. Dean’s instruction style vibed with her since she watched her first YouTube video, and she continues to learn things about best using her body and muscles regardless of the situation she’s in. 

Besides Dean’s instruction style (which her #1 favorite aspect of Man Flow Yoga),  she also loves the Man Flow Yoga app. Her favorite part of the app is the “favorite feature,” so she can return to her favorite workouts quickly. Her favorite courses inside Man Flow Yoga include the Strength Foundations Challenge and the Clarks Series

Wait, Isn’t Man Flow Yoga Only For Men? 

Inger-Marie proves that anyone can improve their strength, mobility, and flexibility from Man Flow Yoga. She’s not the only female Member we have, and she won’t be the last. 

In fact, she even spreads the Man Flow Yoga gospel to everyone she knows — both male and female. According to her, if everybody used Man Flow Yoga, she thinks only 10%—at most—of people who suffer from knee pain, back pain, leg pain, or any other kind of bodily pain. 

“I’ve told everyone I know to join MFY because if everybody used MFY, only perhaps 10% of people would hurt their backs or knees or anything else.”  —

Inger-Marie C.

Ready To Try Man Flow Yoga & Eliminate All Your Aches And Pains At Lightning Speed?

Make Igner-Marie’s day by signing up for her favorite challenge—and the one responsible for restoring strength, function, and mobility to her right leg after a surgery-went-wrong causes a massive blood clot—the Strength Foundations Challenge. 

What’s the Strength Foundation Challenge? 

It’s a 6-week, strength-focused challenge designed to build your strength, improve your mobility, and get rid of pain, discomfort, or long-lasting injuries. It only costs $9 to join, and you can sign up below: 

Sign up for the Strength Foundations Challenge here

Already a Man Flow Yoga member? Share your story with other men like you by booking a Member Stories call at  https://manflowyoga.com/member-highlights-signup

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