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Using Man Flow Yoga to Improve your “Functional Fitness” (Member Highlight: Jerry L.)

“Man Flow Yoga will lead you to a healthier you.”

Jerry, 59-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member

Functional fitness is a buzzword that gets thrown around quite a bit in fitness circles today, and for good reason. 

What’s functional fitness? 

Well, functional fitness simply means achieving a certain fitness level where functional tasks—such as bending over to tie your shoes or pick up something from the ground, lifting something heavy across the room, and even sitting or standing up from a chair—become easier. 

And that’s one area where 59-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, Jerry, noticed a massive impact from making Man Flow Yoga a part of his routine. 

How Jerry discovered Man Flow Yoga 

Jerry’s been interested in yoga for a while, and he even has a few years of on-and-off yoga experience under his belt. But the spirituality aspect of yoga turned him off. He just wanted to use yoga as a way to improve his functional fitness, flexibility, and mental health—and he didn’t need the spiritual component attached. 

Well, one day when searching for “yoga for fitness,” Jerry stumbled upon Dean’s book, “Yoga for Fitness for Men Build Strength, Improve Performance, and Increase Flexibility.” Finally, Jerry thought… Something that focused on the fitness of yoga without attaching spirituality. 

Jerry signed up for Man Flow Yoga shortly after diving into Dean’s book. And he’s had nothing but positive experiences since, including how Man Flow Yoga is like part fitness workout, and part anatomy lesson. 

How did Jerry’s functional fitness improve after joining Man Flow Yoga? 

As alluded to, Jerry considers every Man Flow Yoga workout he does to be a combination of a workout and an anatomy lesson. Dean’s instructions are so clear and concise that Jerry knows exactly what muscles he needs to be using in a certain pose—and this has given Jerry a level of confidence that you simply can’t find from other online fitness classes. 

Since he can feel the muscles he’s using, he knows he’s doing the workouts properly, and unlocking the most amount of benefits each time he steps onto his Man Flow Yoga cork mat

Specifically, Jerry’s noticed three aspects of his health that Man Flow Yoga has helped him improve: 

Benefit #1: Jerry’s functional fitness improved 

As you grow older and your body starts to break down more frequently, it’s common to have troubles doing simple things you used to be able to do with ease. Like bending over to tie your shoes or pick up something on the ground. 

Jerry’s noticed a significant improvement in his functional fitness in the few short months of being a Man Flow Yoga Member: 

“Bending over to tie my shoes or pick up something on the ground is a lot easier now than it was just a few months ago.” 

Benefit #2: Man Flow Yoga helped Jerry with his boxing workouts 

Besides yoga, Jerry also enjoys boxing workouts. And this is another area where Man Flow Yoga improved Jerry’s fitness. 

Since Man Flow Yoga, Jerry feels freer moving around the bag or while shadow boxing. He doesn’t have nearly as much pain as he used to, post workout. And feels like his body just opens up more during boxing because of his Man Flow Yoga practice. 

Benefit #3: Jerry’s more in tune with his breathing 

Thanks to the quality of the Man Flow Yoga workouts mixed with Dean’s superior instruction style, Jerry can hyper-focus on his breathing when he’s in the middle of a Man Flow Yoga workout. 

This ability to hyper-foccus on his breathing helps even when he’s not on the mat. When he’s in a stressful situation where he’d normally tense up, like while he’s in traffic, Jerry’s able to go back into his breathing and unlock a sense of calm—regardless of the chaos he’s surrounded by. 

This has made a night and day difference to his mental health. And he’s not the only Member who’s said that. 

Why Jerry wants you to join Man Flow Yoga 

Jerry has one word for anybody interested in joining Man Flow Yoga: 


Jerry told our team that for him, the most frustrating part of starting a new program like Man Flow Yoga is that sometimes the workouts are difficult to get into. But that’s not the case with Man Flow Yoga because of the variety. 

After trial and error, Jerry realized that the shorter workouts (under 25 minutes) work best for him. They allow him to fully focus on what he’s doing instead of getting distracted. And the true beauty of Man Flow Yoga comes with the variety—not only do we offer individual workouts for any area of his body he wants to tackle, but we have full programs too. 

The variety keeps him on his toes, and committed to his workouts. S

And I’ll leave you with a quote from Jerry himself: 

“If you’re looking for something unique, something that works, something that meets you where you are in terms of fitness and not the other way around, something you can use as a learning tool, and something that even the beginner or the advanced exerciser can learn from, join Man Flow Yoga.”

Want to make significant improvements to your functional fitness, just as Jerry has? 

>> Start your 7-day free trial to Man Flow Yoga here <<

Using Man Flow Yoga to Improve your “Functional Fitness” (Member Highlight: Jerry L.)

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