Hate Going To The Gym? So Did Michael—That’s Why He Joined Man Flow Yoga (Member Highlight: Michael L.)

The gym always rubbed 56-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, Michael, the wrong way. He’s not a big Bro Culture guy, and going to the gym always gave him some trepidation. Instead, running was his main workout modality. 

But he noticed that his body got more “wear and tear” damage as he completed more circles around the sun. That’s what made him search for something that could complement his running (without forcing him to go to the dreaded gym). 

Well, after stumbling on Man Flow Yoga’s YouTube channel, he quickly realized how effective this style of yoga was. He signed up for our Members’ Area shortly after discovering Man Flow Yoga, and it’s been a key ingredient of his exercise routine for over 3 years.

What improvements has Michael made since joining Man Flow Yoga? 

Michael, like many of our Members, has experienced several benefits since joining Man Flow Yoga–both specific improvements and general ones. 

Let’s discuss the specific improvements first: 

First, Michael noticed an incredible leap in his flexibility, endurance, and breathing. In fact, nothing improved his running more than joining Man Flow Yoga. 

And he even gave us a quick story which demonstrates just how much his running has improved: 

Michael, for most of his life, lived around sea level. Which means, whenever he worked out, he worked out around sea level. 

Well, that changed when he moved south of Salt Lake City, Utah, which can get as high as 4,265 feet of elevation. If you’ve ever tried working out in the mountains, then you know how much more difficult breathing is, and how it feels impossible at times to catch your breath. 

Before joining Man Flow Yoga, breathing in the mountains while exercising was a significant challenge for Michael. But today? Today, Michael has almost no problems breathing regardless of the elevation—something he attributes to Man Flow Yoga. 

Besides his newfound flexibility improving his running, it’s also unlocked a new hobby for Michael—something he hasn’t done consistently in the 30 years prior to joining Man Flow Yoga. 

Michael’s new hobby? 


Michael was an avid skier in his 20s… but prior to Man Flow Yoga, he hasn’t skied in the past 30 years. Well, after joining Man FLow Yoga and making it a staple of his exercise habits, he geared up and skied for the first time since his 20s! 

This is something he also credits Man Flow Yoga with—his confidence from being more flexible completely wiped out his terror about snapping a knee while skiing down a mountain. 

As for the general improvements, Michael’s noticed that Man Flow Yoga has helped him… 

  • Feel better every day
  • Make significant improvements to his blood pressure 
  • Relax in stressful work environments (he works a demanding job) 

Not to mention, we’ve also helped him have his best physical in years! 

Why Michael wants you to join Man Flow Yoga

Besides the physical and mental benefits Man Flow Yoga offers to Michael, his favorite part of being a Member is this: 

He loves that Man Flow Yoga is both challenging and achievable. He knows certain workouts will be tough—physically and mentally—but he’s never felt like he can’t do a certain workout or program. 

And there’s no pressure that the workouts will turn him into some huge, jacked “Gym Adonis.” 

The private Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group gives him a good dose of inspiration whenever he needs it. You don’t need any yoga experience or know any of the yoga lingo to try Man Flow Yoga. 

And the app…? The app makes it impossible to ever run out of workouts. There’s so much to find inside the app that there’s literally something for everything—no matter what area of his body he wants to focus on or how much time he has to squeeze in a Man Flow Yoga session. 

But Michael’s favorite part of Man Flow Yoga—and something that he tells to everyone he knows who’s interested in using yoga for their fitness—is this: 

“Man Flow Yoga works. It makes a difference. I feel like I’ve become a better man through this practice.”

Ready to become a better, healthier man too? 

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MIchael L.

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