How Man Flow Yoga Helped Mike Conquer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Member Highlight: Mike A.)

A couple of years ago, 57-year-old Man Flow Yoga Member, Mike A. realized something that happens to all men given enough circles around the sun:

His body just wasn’t working as well as it used to. This came to a head when Mike was doing one of his favorite activities—cross-country skiing—and broke his ankle. 

While nobody wants to break an ankle, Mike’s grateful for it now because it led him to Dean and Man Flow Yoga. After breaking his ankle, Mike needed a way to stay relatively active, and so, he searched YouTube and stumbled upon Man Flow Yoga — the only thing that could improve his mobility, flexibility, and balance as he recovered from his broken ankle. 

The more Man Flow Yoga routines he did, the more he fell in love with it. 


Well, not only did Man Flow Yoga improve his mobility, flexibility, and balance, but it also helped with a much more systemic and chronic health problem… 

How Mike Got Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and how Man Flow Yoga helped him conquer it) 

As Mike recovered from his broken ankle, other health issues started popping out:

He was tired all the time, no matter how much he slept. His muscles and joints hurt, dwindling his motivation to stay active or partake in his favorite hobbies. Brain fog haunted him every day, interrupting his focus and cognitive skills. And he even noticed he’d get headaches or sore throats without reason. 

After explaining his symptoms to his doctor, Mike got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

What’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Well, it’s a serious and complicated long-term disorder that affects several bodily processes. While it affects everyone differently, the common thread between everyone is profound exhaustion, regardless of how much (or little) you sleep. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often feels like the flu, but it lasts for more than 6 months. And while it mostly affects middle-aged people, it can happen to anyone. 

Worst part?

Doctors and health experts don’t know what causes it. 

But as Mike experienced, Man Flow Yoga may help you conquer it. 

Here’s why:

During his rehabilitation for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, his doctors put a ton of focus on the autonomic nervous system, or the network of nerves that control unconscious processes. Mike bought a Garmin, and started tracking his fitness and sleep data. 

Well, when his doctors analyzed his data they found something interesting:

They identified that Mike was getting sufficient sleep, but he wasn’t getting sufficient deep sleep. Deep sleep occurs in the third phase of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, right before entering rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. 

And deep sleep may be the most important type of sleep you can get. 


It unlocks specific physical and mental benefits. Your body releases growth hormones, which work to repair muscles, bones, and tissue (which may explain his muscle and joint pain). It promotes the functioning of your immune system (which could explain his frequent headaches and sore throats). And researchers believe it’s also important for regulating glucose metabolism. 

Plus, it’s important for cognitive function and memory, and it plays a role in preparing your synapses for the following day. If you’ve accidentally woken up during this stage of sleep, you can feel brain fog for up to an hour. Well, for Mike, it was like he woke up during this stage of sleep for more than 6 months straight. 

So, how did Man Flow Yoga help?

After Mike discovered his lack of deep sleep, he started using Man Flow Yoga nighttime routines and breathing exercises to unlock more deep sleep. 

The result? 

He’s made groundbreaking strides in his deep sleep numbers, and has started conquering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Other Ways Man Flow Yoga Improved Mike’s Life

Besides cross-country skiing in the winters, Mike also loves cycling. And the core stability and balance he built through Man Flow Yoga helped Mike enjoy two of his favorite activities more. When it comes to cycling, these benefits help him push his pedals down with more power, making him faster. With cross-country skiing, the core stability and balance reduces his chance of injury. 

These are a few of the reasons Mike follows a Man Flow Yoga routine up to three times per day. Yes, three!

And that’s not all… 

Mike also appreciates Dean’s instruction style, particularly how Dean offers modifications for each pose to fit your current flexibility. This has been a massive help when he broke his ankle, and it still helps now. Mike also goes to a hatha yoga class once a week with his wife, and finds himself preferring the total experience of Man Flow Yoga more (even if he’s not in the same room as Dean). 

Last but not least, Mike listed the Man Flow Yoga Facebook community as one of his favorite “perks” of Membership. When you’re struggling, other Members in the Facebook group will nudge you in the right direction, share personal stories with you, and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. 

Not to mention, it also gives him the feel of a yoga class, even if each Member is spread out across the world. 

Here’s what he said about it: 

“It really is good to know that you’re not just a chap exercising in his living room in front of a television but you’re part of a whole group of people they’re all having equal struggles and equal successes and working their way through life across the globe.”

How Man Flow Yoga Helped Mike Conquer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Want to find out how Man Flow Yoga can unlock the best version of yourself too? 

Whether you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a recently broken ankle, or you feel your body not working as well as it used to, Mike wants to invite you to try Man Flow Yoga, and challenges you to duplicate his success. 


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