Member Spotlight: Steven MacCormack

This month’s Member of the Month is Steven MacCormack! Steven has been a member since the completion of the What, Why, & How 21-Day Challenge in June. Be sure to connect with him in the Man Flow Yoga Community Facebook group!

Current favorite pose:

Tough one…I think overall I have to go with down dog because I always feel very calm after coming out of the pose. It seems to chill me out quickly if I’m feeling stressed.

Fav healthy food:

grilled halibut w Asian spices, spicy broccoli, rice.

Fav non healthy food:

real buffalo wings fried extra crispy covered in hot sauce, carrots and celery on the side w blue cheese.

Proudest physical accomplishment:

At 38 years old I needed to mix it up so I entered the body for life challenge and got down to 7% body fat. After years of heavy lifting and weighing over 200lbs it was a perfect change to be back to lean and light at 185.

Currently working towards:

rehabbing my body?. I’m 53, I have a 4 yr old son, a 6 year old daughter, multiple old injuries and I’m weighing in at 205…back to lean and 190 is the goal…aka “yoga ripped!”

How I discovered Man Flow Yoga:

I was searching on YouTube for shoulder rehab movements etc. when I came across Your work Dean. I had looked at the Broga yoga program but it didn’t click. I checked out some videos and bought your book. After doing a short workout w you on video designed for shoulder strength and flex, I was hooked bro. The rest is history.

Where are you from?

I’m from Boston, mass. Now living in New Brunswick Canada w my family. Also reside in Florida when I have the time.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m working on a book tentatively titled The Art Of Reinvention. As I believe it is constant and never ending. Man Flow yoga will be a large part of my personal reinvention as well.

Want to connect with Steven?

@Reinventinero – Twitter

Be sure to congratulate Steven next time you chat with him 🙂

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