Gratitude, Supplements, & Paleo(F)X

The What, Why, & How Challenge is finishing up this weekend and it has been a huge success. The interaction on Facebook and the emails that I’ve been receiving are so encouraging. If you’re part of it, thank you! If you weren’t able to sign up, make sure that you take a look into it when it becomes available as a program. The workouts are short and focused, and the daily emails help to keep you engaged and motivated. We’ll talk more about that later. 🙂

Message of the week: Gratitude

Continue to be grateful for what you have. Focus on that, and maybe you’ll find that you don’t need that much more.
Book I’m reading right now: All Marketers Are Liars 
This book is from 2005, which makes it interesting because even though there is no mention of social media it seems to suggest that something like it is coming. Either way, it’s still relevant in today’s world as a reminder to us that marketing is all about the story people tell themselves, and it’s a sometimes completely illogical process.

Mantra for the week: Rest

After a weekend of physical fitness tests and pushing my body to the limits, I know that it’s time for my body to take a break. I’ve done no workouts on my own this week (at least, nothing in addition to the sessions that I do with my clients multiple times per day), and I’m giving my body a chance to recover. (By the way, if you want to see the results of the fitness tests, click here – I managed to get in 2nd place overall, which was extremely disappointing, mind you.)

Fitness focus: Supplements

I work with a lot of great supplement companies, but I’m usually inconsistent with taking them. This week, I’ve been using:

  • CILTEP (Natural Stack’s cognitive enhancer; nootropic; smart drug)

  • Magtech (Natural Stack’s magnesium-based supplement, helps with calming and improved sleep)

  • Alpha Strength (Natural Force’s testosterone booster)

  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (collagen protein = good for connective tissue, joints – and this is really cool because it’s completely taste free)

  • Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength from Gaia Herbs (really good for inflammation and reducing soreness)

Click the following links to learn more:

Food of the week: Spice Cave  fire_8beaebcc-e25c-4ad6-8472-e27cbd34eb22_large

I’ve been having these spices on almost every meal that I have. Spice Cave is made by the same guy who makes Spiceologist, which is sold in Williams Sonoma and other fine retailers. I met the founder at the Paleof(x) conference and I’ve been throwing Spice Cave on my food ever since. The “sea” spice is particularly tasty.

Finding inspiration from: Paleo F(X)

I’m definitely not Paleo, but the people and the organizations that I met while I was at the Paleo F(X) Conference in Austin last week were very inspiring. It’s great to get around other entrepreneurs and health & fitness experts and understand that what we do isn’t a battle between one another; it’s about finding the cooperative opportunities and helping people get healthier and stronger.

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