Off the Mat: How do I come up with new content?

A few days ago I was driving and thinking about how remarkable it was that the flow of new content never ceases, which is all the more amazing because everyone uses the internet to share their own innovative ideas and solutions, making it very hard to put out something that hasn’t already been done.

So, what is the secret? How do you keep coming up with new content? Here’s my secret.

ALONE TIME – Creativity happens when you are isolated. If you are not by yourself, your personal creativity cannot flourish. If you cannot sit down for minutes at a time, with your phone on silent, your internet temporarily disconnected (easy, I said “temporarily”, not the whole day), and the ability to single-handedly focus on one thing, your creativity cannot thrive.

So, if you’re stuck on what to do next and can’t quite figure out what you should be creating, sit down and think about it. Take some time to yourself. Bring a notebook – yes, a real pen and paper – not a cell phone, and write your thoughts down. Draw lines and squiggles. Circle words that you like. Cross out ones that you thought would be helpful initially but now realize are cliche and boring.

Message of the week: If you want to create something, eliminate your distractions and spend some time with yourself.

Book I’m reading right now: Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett
I’ve only just started, but this book looks amazing. We know that sitting sucks, but this book goes far beyond that. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of standing up and how to do it effectively (yes, there’s more to it then simply replacing your desk with a stand-up desk) I highly recommend this book.

Note: Kelly Starrett is also the author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, a NYT and Wallstreet Journal Bestseller, which was a big inspiration for many of the techniques found in The Mobility Project, the workout program I released last month.

Mantra for the week: You’re only really being tested when things get tough and you have to put in longer hours, push yourself beyond your comfort levels, and work when your brain and your body say that you need to stop.

Staring around at my unwashed dishes and clutter in the apartment I had recently moved into, I realized it was at times like this that you were really tested. This week has been a rather busy week because I was working on the launch of a new challenge, The What, Why & How 21-Day Challenge (Click here to check out – starts May 16), and it’s made me realize in the “chaos” that ensued that it’s easy to get your work done when you aren’t stressed and pushed for deadlines, but the time when you grow and improve is when you have to work under stress in order to get your s*** done.

Fitness focus: Squats
I’ve been working on pushing through my soreness and getting into a deep squat as often as possible. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my glute strength since focusing on these and incorporating weight training and sprinting back into my training routine. (The Perfect Squat Program – click here.)

Food of the week: Vitamix
Okay, so it’s not really food, but I purchased a Vitamix blender last weekend and I’ve been making smoothies again. The added sugar (even from fruit) has caused more food cravings than usual, so I’m going to need to figure out a way to minimize the fruits and add more vegetables to the smoothie (without it tasting too bad).

Talk soon,

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