Off the Mat: Work/Life Balance is a myth.

I’m on my way to Boise for the Optimal Performance Retreat. (If you’re looking at this wondering WTF that is, click here for full details.) Looking forward to meeting the group and talking for 3 straight days about everything I know health and fitness related. Hoping to get recordings of it so you can see it later. Stay tuned for info on that.

More and more I am realizing my need for meditation. Clearing my head and actually being able to focus on the task at hand ebbs and flows in difficulty, but consistent meditation always seems to help.

Message of the week:
Having a work-life balance is a myth. There is no ideal amount of both. Some weeks demand more work, others demand more life. I think the difficulty lies in accepting that it’s okay to have a really productive week and then a not-so productive week. It all ebbs and flows.

Book I’m reading right now: All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Deurr
I’m actually reading fiction. Crazy, right? This book is a powerful historical narrative of World War 2 and the events leading up to it, set in Germany and France. Books like this have the power to take you out of your world and into another one – if only for a few minutes. If you’re looking for a moving, well-written novel, this is a great one.

Fitness focus: Mobility
I’ve been doing a few more workouts than I’m used to (I’ve done a minimum of two workouts per day this week, maxing out at 4 and a half) and as a result, I’m a little more sore than usual. I noticed that my adductors were extremely tight, and spent a few minutes working into them with a large KnotOut. This thing does wonders. If you don’t have one yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. This thing will add years to your fitness life. Use the code “ManFlowYoga” for a full 25% savings on your order.

Food of the week: BONE BROTH
I made some bone broth at the beginning of the week using bison bones, carrots, leaks, and some herbs. It’s super simple if you have a pressure cooker. Takes 10 minutes to prep and about 20 minutes to clean up and package. Worth it as a snack to have during the day for a lot of great, high-fat energy. Helps with skin, nail, hair, joints, and even with your immune system. (Don’t have time to make your own bone broth? Here’s a great bone broth chef who can sell you theirs.)

Finding inspiration from: Group workouts.
Earlier this week, I was able to get together with a lacrosse friend of mine and do sprints and agility drills in a nearby field. Pushing YOURself is one thing, but having a friend there to challenge to push yourself beyond how far you alone would push yourself alone makes a big difference. Challenge yourself, but use the inspiration of others to challenge you more.

Talk soon,

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