6 Poses to Improve Your Pick-up Lines

Yoga is clearly awesome for many things. It improves your physical performance. It reduces everyday pains. It reduces your risk of injury. Most importantly, it makes you feel better overall.

That being said… there are lots of other smaller things that yoga can do improve in your life. One of those things is making you have more fun. One way of making yourself stand out among the majority of the riffraff that you find in the bars is to demonstrate a physical ability that most people don’t have. Touch your toes. Do an awesome lunge. Do a handstand. Make somebody laugh. People are out just to have a good time. Here are some poses to help make that happen.

1) Crow Pose – Have you ever tried doing crow pose out in public? It’s definitely a conversation starter when you balance on your arms. Sure, you might look like an asshole, but you’re having fun, and hoping somebody else is laughing with you as well.

2) Pyramid – Hamstring flexibility. Challenge somebody to touch their toes. Yeah, it can totally be considered something sexual. But… this article is about improving your pick-up lines, so it’s pretty appropriate.

3) Haka Pose – Extreme hip flexibility! This is very important for any dancing. Hip flexibility makes you a better a dancer, and being a better dancer makes you sexier. (No matter whether you’re a dude looking for a girl, or a dude looking for a dude.)

4) Bridge – Can you say limbo? Having back flexibility can be a very interesting skill. Challenge somebody to a limbo contest. You don’t even need a limbo stick – all you need is one or two friends willing to “set the bar’.

5) Lizard – Another exercise for your hip flexibility that will help with your hip flexibility, improve your lunge ability, and make you a better dancer. If you don’t have rhythm, just go for the Captain Morgan look and throw your leg up on something.

6) Plank – When all else fails, challenge somebody to a plank contest. It’s sure to create some attention for yourself. You might look like a douchebag (excuse me – you WILL look like a douchebag), but hopefully you’re having fun and creating some laughs for others.

There ya’ go. Six poses to help improve your pick-up lines. Now… cue the trolls who excuse me of using yoga to pick-up chicks. This article is meant to be FUN. If you can’t see that, just don’t read it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “6 Poses to Improve Your Pick-up Lines”

  1. I did Crow the other day at the pool and got som cheers. Watched a couple other dudes try and have epic fails. It was awesome!

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