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eBook Remote Training Special

For the month of September, I will be offering a 5-lesson introduction to yoga package that covers all the basic exercises and concepts of yoga. Each lesson will focus on a certain group of postures or body parts, and at the end of the lessons you will have a comprehensive, basic understanding of how to safely and effectively practice yoga. This is a follow-up to my recently released eBook, Yoga Basics for Men, which breaks down each exercise (pose) in a pose guide, gives you key concepts to keep in mind while practicing yoga, and provides sample sequences.

Here are the 5 lessons that will be covered in the 5-lesson introductory package:

1) Core

2) Hips

3) Hamstrings and  Lower Back

4) Upper back and Shoulders

5) Balance

These lessons are done ONE ON ONE via Google Hangouts, so that I can focus specifically on you and make sure that you are doing everything correctly and getting the maximum benefit for your body out of each exercise. People of all skill levels and physical fitness backgrounds have used my remote training program successfully, from experienced yoga instructors to people just starting up a regular fitness routine. Check out the testimonials here.

I normally charge $65/lesson, but this introductory package is a steal, at just $249.99. (Less than $50/lesson from a guy who is known for teaching yoga to complete beginners.) Send an email to [email protected] to get started!

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